Trees of Life – True Stories From The Trail…

Trees of Life True Stories From The Trail… By Silver Johnson Copyright July 20, 2023 All Rights Reserved It’s July. And it’s hot everywhere… Well, almost. As heat goes, today in my part of Wyoming, most would call the weather ‘pleasant.’ Not too hot, not very smokey, big puffy clouds float by wide blue skies […]

Darragh Kenny Rises to the Top (and Stays There)–One Jump at a Time

A seemingly permanent member of show jumping’s upper echelon, Darragh Kenny has long been one of the top riders in the equestrian sport. You never have to look far down the FEI World Rankings to find his name. I was recently at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), where we all watched Darragh named the Overall […]

WWJWD?  What Would Jimmy Wofford Do? 

I knew this day was coming. My brain just couldn’t accept it. When has there not been a Kansas Wofford in my life? Relating to all the posts, sadly, I asked myself the same question. What are we going to do now??? After a minute or two, the better question became quite clear.  ‘What would […]

Get More for Your Money with an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

When considering residential financing options, the first products that come to mind, for many, are 20 or 30-year-fixed mortgages. And it’s with good reason—they’re stalwarts. However, in the current climate, another lesser-known workhorse might deserve some extra consideration: the Adjustable-Rate Mortgage. Adjustable-rate mortgages (or ARMs) have made a comeback in popularity as interest rates continue […]

Better Business with Malvern Bank: Michael Meller’s Secrets to Success

M. Michael Meller was not “to the manor born,” but his impressive career has been an exercise in helping horses and people become “to the manor bred.” When he was young, Michael had a passion to be around horses, and he had to be resourceful in order to feed that passion. Resourcefulness is still a […]

Course Discourse: FEI $500,000 CSI 5* Rolex Grand Prix

Wellington, Fla. – Apr. 5, 2022 – The final week of WEF 12 2022 has come to an end and it is also the end of WEF. Wellington Florida is now the home of Wellington International. The final Grand Prix will be the CSI 5* $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix. The CSI 5* will be held […]

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