Brooke USA Welcomes Decorated Eventer Allison Springer as Newest Ambassador

Wellington, Fla. – Aug. 18, 2017 – Decorated eventer Allison Springer is excited to begin her journey advocating for Brooke USA as a brand ambassador. Springer, a veteran 4* event rider, trainer and coach, aspires to represent the United States in Olympic and international competition. She began riding horses as a child after receiving her first pony and has since become one of the United States’ top three-day eventing athletes.
Based in Upperville, Virginia, Springer has earned quite a few accomplishments throughout her career including finishing third in the 2012 HSBC FEI Classics Series, placing second in the 2012 Rolex CCI4* and claiming a sixth-place finish at the 2012 Burghley CCI4*. In addition to many top placings, Springer and her longtime partner Arthur won the Carolina International CCI3* in both 2015 and 2016. More recently, she won the 2017 Pedigree Bromont CCI2* and placed second in the Virginia Horse Trials CCI1*. Learn more about Brooke USA’s newest ambassador!

Photo by Leslie Threlkeld/Eventing Nation.
Photo by Leslie Threlkeld/Eventing Nation.
When did you first become involved with Brooke USA? Why? 
I became involved at the beginning of this year. I’d known about the nonprofit by means of other professionals like JJ Tate and Allison Brock, and horses are obviously a passion of mine. Seeing the amazing job Brooke USA does of funding programs to educate communities and to improve the lives of working equines is a very special and important thing. This made getting involved a no-brainer. I was very pleased when I was officially asked to become involved as an ambassador, as it is something that means a lot to me.
What about Brooke USA made you feel a connection to our organization over others?
A big part of it was the fact that Brooke USA is so established. It’s proven to be successful all over the world in a number of projects, it’s making a difference and they put effort into showing you that they’re out there doing it. That to me is priceless and really motivating. I also felt like I could really make an impact to raise awareness among so many likeminded people considering our common interest of equestrian sports and the obvious welfare of the animals we depend on.

How have you contributed to Brooke USA during your role as ambassador? 
Since I became an ambassador, I’ve taken it upon myself to raise awareness and spread the word whether it be on social media or sporting the Brooke USA apparel around horse shows. I constantly talk to clients and students of mine that would like to get more involved. Last year I was a bartender at the Eventing Championship Buy a Donkey a Drink event, where we had fun and raised a good amount of money. I look forward to doing that again at the American Eventing Championships in Tryon this September.
Photo by Mike McNally.
Photo by Mike McNally.
Have you been to the Brooke USA projects yet? If not, would you like to? 
I have not been to the projects yet, although I’d love to and look forward to the possibility of visiting one with my fellow ambassadors in Guatemala later this year. I’d love to see it first hand. I also think that any organization works better when they’re directly involved with what the local community can do by teaching them to work with what they already have. I find that such a successful way of doing things; teaching these people how their equines can be more productive if they’re hydrated and well nourished — I’d love to see that in action.
What are your hopes and efforts for inspiring others to become involved with our organization or community service in general? 
When I wear the Brooke USA apparel or post things on social media, there’s always someone who reaches out and asks me about it. Something as simple as that is how it begins. Everyone wants to see their money go to a good cause, and within our equestrian world, everyone can understand the need for equine welfare. As riders, it’s easier for us to see how much we ask of our horses and our responsibility to make sure that they’re happy and healthy. It’s the same way for these working equines around the world. It may be easier for people who aren’t related to the equestrian scene to overlook this global issue and merely go on with their vacation without thinking about it twice, but for us, we’re directly involved with equines and know the effort it takes to keep them performing comfortably. Most riders won’t look the other way.

What goals do you strive for as a rider? 
It’s always been my goal to represent the U.S. in an international competition like the Olympic Games. I’ve come close as the alternate rider a couple of times. I also do a lot to try to improve my sport of three-day eventing as the president of the Eventing Riders Association North America. I try to make this sport better for all participants whether it be amateurs, professionals, upper level or lower level.
How have your goals for helping working equines grown alongside your athletic goals? Does it motivate you to win for a cause? 
More than motivating me to win, it’s motivated me to bring people together with a common goal in addition to the recognition that winning can bring to such an important global issue.

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