Discount Dirtworks Keeps Palm City Polo Fields Perfect for Spring Play

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – May 20, 2016 – The superb playing fields at Palm City Polo Club continue to perform perfectly during the busy Spring 2016 tournament season, thanks to the expertise of Drew Discount, president of Discount Dirtworks in Lake Worth, and the vision of Palm City owner Joey Casey.
Casey engaged Discount two years ago to help him with state-of-the-art methods and materials to achieve the ultimate playing surface, including drainage systems and laser leveling of the fields. The two are still working together to maintain the 35-acre property in top form and to further develop the facility.

“Drew helped with all of the dirt work on the property, and his work was exceptional in every respect,” said Casey. “He is the most professional contractor I’ve ever worked with, and his expertise is amazing. His company is extremely well run and has phenomenal equipment-the best in the industry.”
Players at Palm City have been extremely complimentary about the footing, noting how infrequently games had to be postponed during the heavy rains this winter. “The fields held up well and were playable far more quickly after a storm than many other fields in the area,” said Charlie Muldoon, Executive Director of Umpires LLC.

Casey underscored the importance of soil and drainage in providing for good play. “Soil is a key issue in this sport,” he said. “Thanks to Drew’s knowledge and foresight, Palm City Polo has the perfect soil, and we can drain the fields quickly and efficiently.” The extensive underground irrigation installed at the facility is also an important part of the equation.

Discount Dirtworks is a full-service arena construction company specializing in the installation of footing for equestrian surfaces of all types, including riding arenas, polo fields and entire facilities.

Featured events at Palm City Polo this season include the Palm City Spring Classic 6-Goal, which concluded May 5. Both the Palm City Trust Cup continues through May 29, and next month’s Palm City Turf Classic (June 3-26), offer 0-4 goal and 6-10 goal events. Dates will be announced for the following tournaments at Palm City Polo: USPA Regional President’s Cup (4-8); USPA Association Cup (4-8); USPA Amateur Cup (0-4), and PTF Seniors Tournament.


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