Dogs Find Their Forever, Loving Homes Thanks to YOU 🐶

It is hard to believe we are six months into 2022. Uncertainties are still all around us, but in the midst of all the turmoil, Danny and Ron’s Rescue continues to be a place of hope…of kindness…and of love.

The dogs that knock on our doors might come with a painful past, but the moment they step into the Doghouse, they are no longer afraid of being abandoned or hurt again. The Doghouse becomes their home where they are loved and cared for no matter what their circumstance. Under our loving care, these dogs, who were once lost, hopeless, and abandoned, become ready to learn about trust and love until their forever families come for them. None of this would happen without you, your love, and support.

To date, hundreds of dogs have found their “happily ever after” at the Doghouse. Many families experienced the joy of an exuberant and happy bundle of love joining their families. And all of them have wonderful stories, each as unique as the dogs are. We want to share one especially special story with you…The Story of Tink Tink.

Tink Tink was in pretty bad shape when we brought her to the Doghouse. She was starving and her leg hurt so severely that it had to be amputated. But the unconditional love of the Doghouse staff, coupled with loving care of the veterinary doctors made her feel like she mattered, and she was soon on the way to recovery and better health.
Before we know it, she stole Alice Gerard’s heart. Alice knew Tink Tink was the dog for her. Alice had a heart full of love she wanted to give and Tink Tink was ready to receive and bask in all that was offered to her. Tink Tink, now known as Nike, is living happily with Alice. You made this happen.

We shared the story of a happy ending for just one dog, among the hundreds of dogs that your unceasing support makes possible. Your support helps us to fulfill our mission to save dogs and bring joy to both them and their new families. The fact that we have now rescued more than 13,000 dogs over the last 13 years is testament to your generosity and heart – and we are forever grateful.

Just as these dogs depend on their loving families for love and support during both the best and the worst of times, our work relies on the generosity and support of our Rescue family members like you. Any gift you’re able to make at this time will be gratefully appreciated and invested where the need is greatest. Whether it is for food or veterinary care, we will make sure that the dogs are the beneficiary of your generosity.

Thank you again for continuing to walk with us on this journey of being a voice for forgotten, abandoned, and abused dogs. With your help, we can keep telling their stories and giving them the “happily ever after” they deserve.

With love and gratitude,


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