Enviro Equine Ambassador Misdee Wrigley Miller Has Sights Set on 2018 World Equestrian Games

Austin, TX – Nov. 28, 2017 – Enviro Equine & Pet is honored to boast a high-profile roster of elite equestrian athletes as Ambassadors, which includes fourth-generation horsewoman Misdee Wrigley Miller. An acclaimed competitor in combined driving, she was part of the United States team at the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France, where the U.S. team finished in fourth position. Wrigley Miller now has her eye on the upcoming 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina, where she hopes to vie for a top spot.

Misdee Wrigley Miller at the Kentucky Classic CDE. Photo courtesy of Misdee Wrigley Miller.

A devoted Enviro Equine user for three years, Wrigley Miller attributes her use of OmegaBalance and ElectroBalance as key parts of her horses’ daily regimen, keeping them on top of their game as they compete for a coveted place as one of only three combined driving teams to be selected to represent the United States next year in Tryon. For Wrigley Miller, preparing for the Games means not only maintaining a healthy string of horses, but also finding the most compatible team of horses and garnering strong results from qualifying events, a process that certainly takes time.

Misdee Wrigley Miller

“Preparing for WEG is nothing that you can do overnight. We have to start impressing the judges and building a resume of work early on, so by the time we get to the year of WEG and we actually have to go to the shows that are part of the selection process, we already want to be well-established with the judges,” said Wrigley Miller, who continued, “When we come to the first trot-up, the judges should go ‘oh, these are Misdee’s horses, and don’t they look fabulous?’ It does make a difference. When our horses are standing there presented to the judges and their coats are dappled and they are so well conditioned and have such good muscle tone, we laugh to ourselves going back to the barn saying that we won the vet check, but we aren’t being facetious because it is important. It’s been really great to use Enviro Equine products because they have been so helpful in building the horses up and keeping them looking fabulous.”

To reach even minimal success in the sport, every competitor’s team of horses need to have endurance and be in overall good condition, but it is those teams with standout fitness that tend to excel. As a three-day discipline, combined driving requires horses to be in top physical condition and able to compete efficiently during the three phases: Driven Dressage, Marathon and Obstacle Cone Driving. For Wrigley Miller, Enviro Equine’s OmegaBalance and ElectroBalance help to set her ahead of the pack.

“OmegaBalance keeps our horses not only looking good, but healthy from the inside. With ElectroBalance, the horses have the stamina to compete on the third day as well as they started the first day, and we don’t have to take days off to let them recover because they do recover so quickly coming back from the marathon and coming back from the 3-day show. That’s the competitive edge these products give us,” said Wrigley Miller.

Amber Lester, the manager for Wrigley Miller’s horses, agrees with the sentiment. Not only are the products essential for competition, but for their extensive travel schedule, as well.

“Since we travel so much, it is really hard to have a baseline on the horses and make sure they are balanced nutritionally. Since we have been on board with Enviro Equine, I see a real steadiness in the horses and they bounce back from place to place – it doesn’t matter what continent we are on – their nutrition is always balanced and they stay a lot more even-keel,” said Lester. “Enviro Equine is that constant variable that has been a huge help to us. Not only the OmegaBalance oil and ElectroBalance we use every day, but the ElectroBalance paste, which we use after competitions. It gives us that peace of mind that they are restored for the next day and that everyone is feeling good. Nutritionally the horses are as good as they have ever been. They are much healthier inside and out.”

In total, nine horses under Lester and Wrigley Miller’s care receive Enviro Equine supplements as part of their daily nutritional regimen. Of the seven driving horses, the Wrigley Miller team is taxed with trying to find the perfect group to compete together at WEG.

“It’s like chasing a unicorn. To get four horses to work together that are similar enough in looks, stride, build and temperament is really, really difficult. Some horses actually just don’t like each other. Finding the best group of horses is really key, and even when you think you’ve found that group you have to be prepared to be interchangeable. We aren’t only schooling one horse, we have to find four or five that work in sync together in all the phases,” noted Wrigley Miller.

With so many variables to consider, luckily for Wrigley Miller and Lester they never have to worry about the daily health of their horses. With the help of Enviro Equine’s OmegaBalance and ElectroBalance, each horse is sure to not only exude health, but display the strength and stamina necessary of combined driving stars, making life a little bit easier for Wrigley Miller and her team.

“The proof is in the performance of my horses and how they look,” commented Wrigley Miller. “There is absolutely no question that since we have been using OmegaBalance, the horses have looked better and their maintenance has been easier and definitely recovering quicker. The ElectroBalance is key to having them perform and bounce back. There’s no doubt in my mind that these products have really given me a boost up.”

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