Enviro Equine Announces Partnership with iFEED Automatic Feeders

Austin, TX – June 9, 2017 Enviro Equine is excited to announce a partnership with iFEED Automatic Feeders. Fully committed to ensuring the best possible care of horses and pets by distributing all-natural products, Enviro Equine is thrilled to be aligning with an equally like-minded company that strives to naturally improve horse’s health. With the new partnership, Enviro Equine customers will now have the opportunity to get special discounts on the popular iFEED product.

Naturally, horses are grazing animals, and to iFEED it made sense to feed them that way. iFEED strives to feed horses in the most natural way possible, so iFEED automatic feeders mimic the amount and pace of natural grazing. Instead of giving horses larger portions fewer times a day, iFEED feeders give them smaller amounts more frequently.

Developed in Denmark and used extensively throughout Europe, iFEED is a patented electronic feeder that can be programmed to serve up to 48 meals a day to your horse. In fact, one timer can run multiple feeders. You program the time the meal is to be given and the amount to feed, and iFEED delivers that meal in small 2 to 3 ounce portions on time.

These small meals allow for greater utilization of the diet as more is digested, resulting in lower waste production. This not only lowers your feed bill, but less waste means less time sent stall cleaning and lower bedding costs. In fact, current users of iFEED report savings of up to 30 percent on their feed bills!

iFEED may also lower your vet bill. By enabling a system that serves small portions frequently, iFEED helps honor your horse’s digestive anatomy and physiology. Many common health issues faced by horses of all breeds, ages and disciplines, can be prevented with the help of iFEED. Often times because of unnatural feeding schedules, horses will suffer from gastric ulcers, stress which causes many negative effects, and ultimately, colic. Every horse owner knows the importance of the digestive health of their animal. This is why iFEED, much like Enviro Equine, is committed to designing feeding solutions that meet the needs of even the most sensitive stomach health. With the new partnership, Enviro Equine customers will now have the opportunity to get special discounts on the popular iFEED product.

Enviro Equine’s mission is to provide the purest and most effective supplements to horse owners, no matter what discipline they compete in. Helping horse owners and farm managers achieve the best possible health and well-being of their equine athletes is paramount to the team at Enviro Equine, which is why each ingredient used in their supplements is all-natural and is backed up by extensive scientific research. Recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists around the globe, EnviroEquine is thrilled to be a new distributor of these amazing iFEED feeders in the United States. Enviro Equine customers can now order iFEED Automatic Feeders through the Enviro Equine website and even receive free shipping!

To learn more about how iFEED and Enviro Equine can help your horse achieve optimum digestive health, please visit our website here.


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