EnviroEquine & PET Announces Product Savings and Environmentally-friendly Bag Refills for Your Favorite Items

Austin, TX – Dec. 11, 2019 – Committed to wellness and customer service, EnviroEquine & PET is officially launching new, reduced prices* for some of its flagship products – EveryDayBalance, ElectroBalance, GastroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS – in addition to making the switch to paper bags instead of plastic containers to promote sustainability. Even better, some products will be offered in greater quantities for the lesser cost, increasing benefits to customers twofold. Customers who have already received a plastic bucket from a previous order will be able to continue to use and refill it with newer bagged shipments.

“We are so excited to be able to offer these cost-effective options for our customers so that they can get greater value for their money. Some of our clients’ favorite items will now be sold in greater quantities for less money – a win-win! Plus, we are excited to move away from the plastic bucket containers. We promote our horse’s and pet’s wellbeing, and we need to do the same for our environment by limiting our footprint as much as possible,” commented Angela Brackett, Marketing and Sales Director at EnviroEquine & PET.

EnviroEquine’s EveryDayBalance offers the greatest advantages, with customers reaping the benefits of larger bags of product for a reduced cost. Originally sold at $245 for the 15-pound size, the new cost will be $232.75 for 25 pounds of product, a discount of $12.25 plus 10 extra pounds of EveryDayBalance! The popular 25-pound ElectroBalance, previously sold at $295 in the plastic bucket, will now be offered for the price of $280.25 for savings of $14.75. The 25-pound GastroBalance will offer $9.95 in savings due to the cost drop from $199 to $189.05, and GastroBalance PLUS will be down by a whole $24 as the cost is reduced from $495 to $471 for a 25-pound order.

In order to work towards greater environmentally-friendly packaging practices, EnviroEquine & PET has made the transition to delivering applicable products in recyclable paper bags to reduce its dependence on plastic. The use of the new bags has allowed the company to reduce the prices on some of its most popular nutrition products while also contributing to the wellbeing of the environment. Those customers who have received a previous delivery of product in a plastic container will be happy to know that they can keep the container and continue to reuse it. Simply dump the new product into the bucket and either recycle the bag or allow EnviroEquine & PET to reclaim it and use it for a future batch after thorough cleaning and processing.


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