Equitopia Launches Children’s Books to Raise Funds for their Mission

Cordelia, Calif. – Oct. 26, 2017 – Equitopia’s free, online educational videos are beginning to shift the way people approach the care, welfare and training of horses in the industry. Founder, Caroline Hegarty, is thrilled to be able to offer a great way of supporting Equitopia’s mission by releasing a series of horse-centric children’s books based on one of Equitopia’s own horses. This series of heartwarming children’s books, “The Adventures of Syrus” by Maggie McDonald, make the perfect gift for the horse crazy
kid in your life.

Written by a staunch supporter of the non-profit organization Equitopia, the two books in the series, “Syrus Finds a Home” and “Syrus Goes Camping,” utilize vivid illustrations and unique storytelling to cater to the imaginations of young readers. As well as being entertaining, the series aims to educate young generations about the importance of horse care and how the bond between horse and owner is the foundation of horsemanship.

Proceeds from both books are donated directly to the 501(c)3 non-profit to help fund the production of more educational videos, as well support the rescue horses that they have taken in and whose stories are being documented as part of the educational content.

The first of the series, “Syrus Finds A Home,” visits a horse that is often overlooked at the crowded farm where he resides. Luckily for Syrus, he meets a young woman named Caroline and the two instantly connect, leading Caroline to adopt him. Syrus moves to her farm where he has plenty of space and is always looking forward to new adventures with her.

“Syrus Goes Camping” takes young readers on a new journey with Syrus and Caroline. This book keeps readers on the edge of their seats as Syrus explores new territory such as the woods and the ocean on his own after being separated from Caroline. Horse and rider must find their way back to each other and return to their home.

These inspiring children’s stories make the perfect storytime companion for young ones who are interested in horses, whether they are able to practice reading themselves or have the books read to them by a loved one.

To order your copies of “Syrus Finds A Home” and “Syrus Goes Camping” through Amazon Smile, click here.

At Equitopia, we envision a world where humans live in harmony with horses based on a deep understanding and regard for the horse’s needs in today’s world.

Our mission is to empower the horse industry with reliable resources supported by research and evidence to guide them in the evolution towards compassionate horsemanship.

To learn more about the resources available through Equitopia or donate, please visit equitopiacenter.com.


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