Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit Closes out 2018 with Another Successful Show

Tampa, Fla. – Dec. 31, 2018 – The Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit culminated on Monday with another day of beautiful weather. Taking place at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center at the Florida State Fairgrounds, top-notch Quarter Horses and exhibitors came from across the nation and internationally to take part in one of the most successful years of the four-day event.

Managed by the show services of An Equine Production, the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit earned the distinction of being named the seventh largest ranked American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) show in the country.

The end of the show meant the presentation of the important high-point awards. The champions and reserve champions received much coveted leather bags and binders custom made by Just Peachy Show Clothing and Mike and Carrie Bachey.

One of those winners was Mallory Vroegh of Grimes, Iowa, who had a great show with her much loved Krymsun Belle. The college freshman captured the Youth 14–18 high-point award. Chad Evans of Parker, Colorado, came to the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit as a child and never thought he would come back to win a championship. He took the Green Horse high-point award with Ruth Marie Rowe’s Florida Georgia Line.

After a decade-long absence, Karen Johnson of Burns, Tennessee, won two championships with Gotta Hot Gun: Versatility Ranch Horse Open and Versatility Ranch Horse Amateur. In addition, Dallas Reyes of Southington, Connecticut, switched from the hunter/jumper arena to the Quarter Horse circuit with her newly acquired gelding, Invite The Shy Guy, to win the Level 1 Amateur Walk/Jog high-point award.

Full results and scribe sheets from all four days of the 2018 Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit are available to view online here.


Mallory Vroegh (Grimes, Iowa) and Krymsun Belle – Youth 14–18 high-point award winners

On Krymsun Belle:
“I have had her for a little more than three years. She’s got this great personality. She loves to show. You can feel a change in her as soon as she enters the ring, she’s ready to go. It’s great. She eats all of the treats, carrots are her favorite. Showmanship is her favorite. I am biased to the horsemanship because your riding ability is really what matters, but I like showmanship a lot also.”

On winning the high-point award:
“I never really expect anything. I just tell myself I can do well, but I have to do my job first. It means a lot to me to win because being a horse trainer’s kid, I never know how long I am going to have a horse because it might get sold. This is the longest I’ve been able to keep one and I really bonded with her, so it really means a lot to me.”

On coming to the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit:
“I was so excited when my mom told me we were going to get to come down. The weather is beautiful and everyone does a great job running the show. She came here a couple of years ago, but I couldn’t come because I was playing basketball. I am in college now at [Southern Methodist University]. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it this year.”

Chad Evans (Parker, Colorado) and Florida Georgia Line – Green Horse high-point award winners

On Florida Georgia Line:
“My name for him is Maverick. He’s awesome. He’s a saint, just really talented. He’s a great loper, loves to change leads, is great in the Western riding and in the trail. He’s a cool horse.”

On winning a high-point award:
“It’s awesome to win the high-point. I love it for the horse’s sake. It’s such a great way to start his all-around career. He is a 3-year-old stud and this is his first show doing the all-around events. He’s just been a pleasure horse until now, so it was fun to win.”

On coming to the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit:
“This is my first time here. I have watched this show for years since I was a little kid, so to come here and win was a lot of fun. If the weather is always this good, we’re always coming back.”

Karen Johnson (Burns, Tennessee) and Gotta Hot Gun – Versatility Ranch Horse Open and Versatility Ranch Horse Amateur high-point award winners

On Gotta Hot Gun:
“I’ve had ‘Kangaroo’ for two years and he is one in a million. He’s irreplaceable.”

On competing in the Versatility Ranch Horse division:
“I like riding in the [Versatility Ranch Horse division] because it’s challenging, especially the reining. The transitions, lead changes, stopping and spinning at a controlled pace looks easy, but it’s not.”

On winning a high-point award:
“This is my first time back after 10 years and it’s beautiful. It’s so fun to come back. I didn’t think I would do this well. You never know what’s going to happen. Your horse has good days and bad days, just like people, so every day is a new day and today we did really well.”

Dallas Reyes (Southington, Connecticut) and Invite The Shy Guy – Level 1 Amateur Walk/Jog high-point award winners

On winning a high-point award:
“I was so surprised to win, especially since I just started showing again after a long break. It was exciting to get back in the show ring. I used to ride in the ‘big equitation’ classes at hunter/jumper shows, but my first horse was a Quarter Horse and I wanted to come back to it. I couldn’t have done it without the support from my husband, Luis, and my trainer, Jeremy Mimitz.”

On Invite The Shy Guy:
“I just got him a year ago and he is great. He is very personable and awesome. I love him.”

2018 Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit High-Point Winners:


  1. Metallic Iron – Chester Prince (owner)
  2. Blue Kahlua – Montlake Farms LLC
  3. Whose Your Bay Bee – Kelly Birkenholtz


  1. Some Hot Potential – Emma Brown (owner)
  2. Always The Best Man – Katie Grossnickle
  3. Hotrod This – Brenda Ramirez

Green Horse:

  1. Florida Georgia Line – Ruth Rowe (owner)
  2. Figure Im Invited – Marie-France D’hondt
  3. Sugarray – Ashley Wilson (owner)

Level 1 Amateur:

  1. How Bout At Midnight – Mallory Wachob
  2. Shes In My Dreams – Taylor Duncanson
  3. Shez Willy Cool – Taylor Lewis


  1. Beter Late Thn Never – Tiina Volmer
  2. Version Of Goodbar – Sarah Lebsock
  3. This Iz How We Roll – Shannon Henry


  1. Investin A Goodbar – Scott Reinartz
  2. Give Me The Goods – Anne Wilson
  3. Strawberri Wine – Laina Banks

Level 1 Youth:

  1. Goodbar Had A Dream – Savannah Relick
  2. Hunting Blue Skies – Kaylnn Heitman
  3. Dreamin With Me – Alexis Rutledge

Youth 13 and Under:

  1. Sudenly Sophisticated – Caroline Fredenburg
  2. My Only Good Shoes – Amma Gore
  3. Jet Set Invitation – Alexis Potts

Youth 14–18:

  1. Krymsun Belle – Mallory Vroegh
  2. Some Hot Potential – Emma Brown
  3. Zips Bossy Chip – Ellexxah Maxwell

Small Fry:

  1. Assets Appeal – Alyssa Kladny
  2. MWS Flashn My Jacks – Elden Fredenburg
  3. Chocolatey Special K – Shayne Gilliam

Level 1 Amateur W/J:

  1. Invite The Shy Guy – Dallas Reyes
  2. Hotrod This – Brenda Ramirez
  3. Gray Skys N Blaznhot – Samantha Corritore

Level 1 Youth W/J:

  1. Assets Appeal – Alyssa Kladny
  2. Slam I Am – Riley Potts
  3. Rock Me Right – Reese Brasher

VRH Open:

  1. Gotta Hot Gun – Karen Johnson (owner)
  2. Chex Are Cashin – Dana Lanning (owner)
  3. Gunna Wreckya – Michael Mackay (owner)

VRH Amateur:

  1. Gotta Hot Gun – Karen Johnson
  2. Shanachie – Eleanor Green
  3. Zipper Nic – James Heird

VRH Youth:

  1. Gunna Wreckya – Anna Mackay
  2. Crank Up The Band – Ellexxah Maxwell
  3. Widow Gallo – Trent Ferreir

About the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit:

The popular Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit returned to the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center at the Florida State Fairgrounds from Dec. 28 through Dec. 31.

This year’s event was proud to offer the innovative Horse Show Tracker app and its services to all attendees. The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play and allows exhibitors to easily access draws, results, scoring and more from any location without having to walk to the gate or show office.

Interested in advertising on the Horse Show Tracker? Have a stallion you would like to promote? Have a show in the immediate near future you want to tell everyone about? Just want to say, ‘Good luck,’ to your best friend? Ads are now being sold on the Horse Show Tracker! Contact Kathy Trask at FunnWare Development at 614-348-4558.

For sponsorship opportunities, please call Matt Morrissey at 941-915-3457 or email matt@mmg.management.

For additional information on the Florida Gold Coast Quarter Horse Circuit, please visit flgoldcoastcircuit.com.


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