Get to Know Team EquiJet! Meet Ann Post, the Documentation Supervisor

Califon, N.J. – May 29, 2020 – As one of the leading equine transportation companies that ships horses domestic and internationally, EquiJet relies on a top-notch team that handles everything from flight arrangements and quarantine scheduling to documentation and real-time updates for owners. Thanks to its well-rounded group of qualified equestrians with experience in all aspects of the industry, EquiJet is proud to be represented by a team that understands how important your horse is to you and works to ensure that your precious cargo arrives, safely, comfortably and on time. EquiJet is pleased to introduce one of the vital members of the crew, Ann Post, the Documentation Supervisor based out of Houston.

In 1996, Ann moved to Long Island to begin working in the international equine travel sector of the industry, which has served as the backbone of her equestrian background. With more than twenty years of experience shipping horses under her belt, Ann joined the EquiJet team in October of 2017, lending her expertise to the company in its early days. Now based out of the Houston office, Ann oversees data entry and fills out the documentation necessary for all equine passengers to ensure that her co-workers working on the ground with the horses are able to do their jobs effectively and without any delays.

Outside of work, Ann enjoys participating in dog agility trials with her Australian Shepherd, Mack, and has five grandchildren. Fun fact – Ann’s daughter, Ashleigh, works for EquiJet, too!

Taking care of every detail, EquiJet specializes in the transportation of horses both domestic and internationally. The team at EquiJet offers an all-encompassing service, including the flight itself, quarantine logistics and necessary paperwork, allowing owners and trainers to send their horses with peace of mind. With over two decades of experience in international shipping and an extensive network of transportation partners, EquiJet prides itself on making each horse’s travel – whether to a local show or across the world – as stress-free and comfortable as possible. EquiJet offers unparalleled customer service by horse people for horse people.

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