Get to Know Team EquiJet! Meet Founders Bastian Schroeder and Margot Peroni

Califon, N.J. – Nov. 8, 2019 – The team behind EquiJet‘s domestic and international operations is what makes its operation so specialized, with every detail tended to in a timely and professional manner. Behind every scheduled flight, quarantine or documentation, the EquiJet team has each and every base covered for its clients. At the helm of the company, founders and husband-and-wife team Bastian Schroeder and Margot Peroni are dedicated to using their combined experience to provide the best customer service possible with the help of EquiJet’s trusted team members.
Bastian Schroeder and Margot Peroni

After marrying in 2014, Bastian and Margot quickly realized that their equally consuming passions for horses, as well as decades of experience in the sport, could develop into a successfully-run business. EquiJet was born in 2017, with both parts of the couple playing very hands-on roles in the business, combining their lifelong knowledge of horses with an aptitude for equine transportation.

Though Bastian’s beginnings in handling travel arrangements were merely as favors to friends, he quickly grew a reputation for excellence, bolstered by his upbringing in Germany and his adult life in the United States that lent themselves to a unique understanding of how to move horses across continents. A horsewoman since childhood, Margot brought the personal touch to the company thanks to her intimate know-how regarding horse care and customer relations. Together, Bastian and Margot strive to make their business extremely personalized to each horse they ship and client they work with, and they have made EquiJet a leader in its industry in only a few short years.

“Margot and I complement each other so well, and luckily EquiJet has benefitted from our shared knowledge and experience. I think we make a great team and I believe that our clients are recipients of our best efforts because of the personal touches that each of us bring to the company,” commented Bastian. “We are extremely lucky to be able to work together as a married couple and I look forward to growing the business even more alongside her.”

As well as being involved in the business of shipping horses around the world, the couple also enjoys buying young horses overseas to bring along and eventually sell. Margot can regularly be found in the winner’s circle in the hunter ring aboard her favorite horse Orlon, while also bringing along youngsters Limited Edition and First Class. She is very excited to be stepping back into the jumper this winter with WEF veteran, Valentin 117. Bastian can often be seen ringside cheering on his wife, while also promoting their ever-growing business from show to show.

Taking care of every detail, EquiJet specializes in the transportation of horses both domestic and internationally. The team at EquiJet offers an all-encompassing service, including the flight itself, quarantine logistics and necessary paperwork, allowing owners and trainers to send their horses with peace of mind. With over two decades of experience in international shipping and an extensive network of transportation partners, EquiJet prides itself on making each horse’s travel – whether to a local show or across the world – as stress-free and comfortable as possible. EquiJet offers unparalleled customer service by horse people for horse people.

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