Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me Clinch Another Win to Close-Out Equifest III

Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me
Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me

Wayne, Il. – Aug. 13, 2017 – Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me, owned by Carben Farms LLC, continued their success in the jumper ring on Sunday after their victory in the $25,000 Grand Prix Saturday afternoon. The horse-and-rider combination sped around the arena in double-clear rounds to clinch the win in the $7,500 Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior Amateur-Owner Classic.

The course for the Classic on Sunday afternoon, designed by Steve Stephens, proved to be technical for riders to navigate through without faults. Just four riders made it into the jump-off with clear rounds under the time-allowed of 79 seconds.

Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me
Giavanna Rinaldi and Always Me

Not the least bit tired after yesterday’s grand prix, Rinaldi and Always Me raced around the arena, completing their first round clear in a time of 70.352 seconds. Emma Sargent and Didgeridoo claimed the next fastest clear time in the first round, finishing in 74.830 seconds. Mattie Hatcher and Cristiano also made it into the jump-off with a clear first round completed in 77.236 seconds.

Mattie Hatcher and Cristiano
Mattie Hatcher and Cristiano

Just two riders claimed double-clear rounds – Rinaldi and Hatcher. Ultimately, Rinaldi and Always Me secured their win in the class with a speedy jump-off time of 30.020 seconds. Hatcher and Cristiano finished in second place after their fault-free jump-off round, which they completed in 34.406 seconds. Sargent and Didgeridoo rounded out the top three, completing the jump-off in 31.809 seconds with 4 faults.

Emma Sargent and Didgeridoo
Emma Sargent and Didgeridoo

In the $1,000 1.20m Junior Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic earlier Sunday morning, it was Natalie Jayne and Twitter who took the win – the only horse-and-rider combination in the class to ride a double-clear. With a first round time of 72.932 seconds and a clear jump-off time of 37.426 seconds, Jayne took home the blue ribbon.

Amelia Jenson and Quick Tempo, owned by Richard Cheska, finished in second place behind Jayne with a first round time of 74.606 seconds and a jump-off time of 32.623 seconds with 4 faults. Kennedy McCaulley and Zara, owned by Haylie Rolfe, took third place with a first round time of 77.152 seconds and a jump-off time of 33.430 seconds with 4 faults.


$7,500 Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior Amateur-Owner Classic

Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults / Time / R2 Faults / Time
1. Always Me / Giavanna Rinaldi / Carben Farms LLC / 0 / 70.352 / 0 / 30.020
2. Cristiano / Mattie Hatcher / Mattie Hatcher / 0 / 77.236 / 0 / 34.406
3. Didgeridoo / Emma Sargent / Emma Sargent / 0 / 74.830 / 4 / 31.809
4. Quint / Hailey Royce / Hailey Royce / 0 / 78.360 / 4 / 35.122
5. Werner 61 / Haley Gassel / Westwind Equine Training Center / 4 / 74.507
6. Cumana / Mattie Hatcher / Mattie Hatcher / 4 / 75.051
7. Dutch Martini / Christopher Johnson / Christopher Johnson / 4 / 75.373
8. Cassano Z / Annabella Sanchez / Annabella Sanchez / 4 / 76.780
9. Bull Run’s Disciple / Bryn Sadler / Showcase 81 LLC / 5 / 79.167
10. Cupina Colada / Amanda Dollinger / Amanda Dollinger / 5 / 79.219
11. Zanta Fee Van T Hofterrijckel / Annabella Sanchez / Annabella Sanchez / 8 / 77.472
12. Jahil / Isabella Bleu Baxter / Isabella Bleu Baxter / 30 / 92.752


Giavanna Rinaldi –  $7,500 Cavalor Show Jumping Hall of Fame Junior Amateur-Owner Classic Winner

On Always Me:
“If it’s possible, she actually felt better than she did yesterday. She even had more energy than yesterday. I was really shocked and just so happy with how she performed. She felt great. She’s always ready to go and she felt on top of her game the past two days. She’s so incredible and I’m really glad that we’re getting enough points for the indoor shows. I’m really looking forward to the future with her. She was on it the whole time!”

On the class:
“I knew there were several great riders in my class with great horses. I’ve been showing against most of them all my life. We compete against each other all the time. It really makes it special when we all come as a group and are in the same class. It makes it really fun and we all cheer each other on.”

On her strategy:
“My strategy going into today was to have two smooth, clear rounds. That’s all I really wanted. After yesterday, I didn’t want to run her like crazy, even though she wanted to. I just let her do her thing. In the jump-off, I knew I was a little early on, so I figured I would have to go a little faster. It turned out great. We even had a faster time than I thought we would. She’s just so naturally fast. She carries herself so well and turns on a dime. We jump a jump and she is just looking for the next turn.”

On her future plans:
“She’s going to get a couple weeks off which will be nice. She’ll go home, get turned out and just be a horse for a couple weeks. After that we will go to HITS Balmoral for two weeks, then we still start all the indoor shows. I plan to do all of them.”


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