Just Released! NEW Show Safe Pain Solution From Makers of Perfect Prep EQ™

Morrow, OH – May 10, 2022 – Leading Equine Veterinarians, trainers and exhibitors are welcoming the release of EquiBlok™ equine pain relief suppositories this month. Perfect Products, the makers of the leading Perfect Prep EQ™ calming system, continues to revolutionize care of high performance equine athletes with their release of this unique new show safe and fast-acting formula.

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Jeff Morgenstern, founder of Perfect Products, says, “We’ve developed and field tested EquiBlok™ with the help of trusted veterinary professionals and equestrian athletes across all disciplines, and it has emerged as a top solution to ensure horses are feeling their best for the task at hand!”

Anecdotal observations from several veterinarians define as much as a one to two grade improvement on diagnosed flexion lameness after administration of EquiBlok™, and horses are confirming this with improved performances.

“We have worked hard to bring this exciting product to market and show the industry all it has to offer,” continues Morgenstern. “We’ve seen firsthand through extensive field testing how EquiBlok™ helps horses feel and perform their best, and we know riders, trainers and owners will feel confident in trusting this innovative solution. The incredible results speak for themselves!”

Perfect Products leveraged the latest suppository technology to offer a safe and easy method for delivering soreness solutions into the horse’s system. Similar to the simple task of taking a horse’s temperature, EquiBlok™’s active ingredients are administered in a carrier made of a blend of plant and fruit butters, and cellulose. The amino acids that release pain relieving endorphins are rapidly absorbed, creating a truly all-natural effect. Throughout field testing, EquiBlok™ produced consistent and gratifying results in horses at varying ages and disciplines.

EquiBlok™ offers a simple solution for the horse’s performance-related pain, offering an alternative for NSAIDs for pre-event preparation. The value of EquiBlok™ has been validated repeatedly by equine professionals who’ve begun using the product in their programs.

“I have one horse in particular that is shown barefoot and doesn’t do well on Bute. Throughout the winter season he became a little foot sensitive,” shared Jen Bauersachs, Perfect Products Featured Rider and owner of Spring Hill Farm. “EquiBlok™ really changed this horse. When his feet are bothering him he gets very spooky and hard to prepare. I found that using EquiBlok™ helped him relax and show better because his feet were no longer painful.”

“I’ve used EquiBlok™ on my own horses and recommended it to clients in my practice,” says Leah Patipa, DVM of Paddock Equine Veterinary Services. “In my experience it works consistently and is a great solution when NSAIDs are not desired, like pre-event use or if the horse is gastric sensitive.”

Join the many professionals who’ve observed EquiBlok™’s powerful results by claiming your two (2) complimentary doses using the coupon code TRYEQUIBLOK at checkout at PerfectProductsEQ.com. This offer is limited to one (1) per customer and only while supplies last.

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