Kelley Farmer Returns to Equifest to Win It All in $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby

Wayne, Ill. – Aug. 4, 2019 –The final day of World Championship Hunter Rider (WCHR) week at Lamplight Equestrian Center began on Sunday morning, set in the picturesque Grand Prix Arena. As the sun rose through the trees, championship horses and riders gathered in the schooling arena to make their final preparations for the day full of highlight events. In the highly anticipated $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, Kelley Farmer and Consent took to the arena, showing judges and spectators why they deserve to be on top. The elite hunter rider and horse went on to claim the coveted winning title, the lion’s share of money along with Equi+Calm Equine Calming Supplements and Pomms premium earplugs gifted by Equine Healthcare International.

Kelley Farmer and Consent

Farmer, a well-known and very successful hunter rider, is no stranger to derbies, leading the USHJA International Hunter Derby Lifetime Standing for Rider Money Won with an incredible $1,680,984 to her name. Her partner for the Sunday morning event was Consent, a 7-year-old Westphalian gelding owned by David Glefke and Kent Farrington LLC. The eye-catching gelding is known for his impressive jump, often propelling himself above the standards while simultaneously making the courses look effortless. Two panels of judges watched on as the pair rode to impeccable distances that showcased Consent’s scope during the first round. Scoring a total first round score of 191 with four high option fences, Farmer established herself as the leader of the class by 15 points.

Kelley Farmer and Consent

Coming into the handy round last, spectators stood, watching with anticipation as Farmer and Consent picked up their canter to take a direct approach to the first vertical in course designer Paul Jewel’s handy course. Farmer navigated a seamless ride through rollback turns and a trot jump, taking all four high option jumps to score a 197. Upon exiting the ring, Farmer smiled and patted Consent, knowing that their trip was more than enough to take home the win. Seconds later their overall score of 388 was announced, putting them at the top of the 14 horse order by 23 points to claiming the $15,000 International Hunter Derby title once again.

Jennifer Alfano and Untouched

Receiving the reserve honors in the competitive class was Jennifer Alfano and David Glefke’s Untouched. The 7-year-old Holsteiner mare put out her best effort as a catch ride for Alfano. Judges awarded the mare a 173.5 in the first round. Originally not in the top three of the competitive field of horses, Alfano and Untouched laid it all on the line in the handy, coming back with a score of 191.5 to give them a total of 365 and give them the leg-up needed to take second place.

Dorothy Douglas and MTM Exceptional

Last year’s winners of the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, Dorothy Douglas and MTM Exceptional, jumped to the third place position in the class. MTM Exceptional is a 10-year-old Holsteiner owned by Abigail Davenport. The gelding received a first round score of 166.5, improving in the handy to score a 198. Their overall score was 364.5, missing the second place position by a mere half of a point.

Jennifer Alfano and Kindred

Prior to the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, the $5,000 USHJA National Derby took place. An extremely competitive field of 44 horses was bested by Alfano and the 7-year-old Warmblood Kindred. Kathy Chiaf owns the gelding who was given scores of 184 and 177.5 to a total 361.5. Earlier in the week, Alfano and Kindred were named champions of the Green 3’6” Hunter division at Equifest II.

Jennifer Alfano and Page One

In addition to Alfano’s first place finish, she also clinched the second place ribbon with her 6-year-old Holsteiner mare Page One. Although Page One is fairly new to the hunter arena, she showed a great understanding for her job, scoring consistently in both rounds with a 181 and 180. Alfano’s final score aboard the mare, 361, was only half of a point from her more well-seasoned partner, Kindred.

Savannah Talcott and Eileen

Following closely behind Alfano was Savannah Talcott with Ellen Muslin’s Eileen. Scores of 163.75 and 179 were presented to the 12-year-old Hanoverian mare, resulting in a final score of 342.75 for the yellow ribbon. This was Talcott and Eileen’s first International Hunter Derby together, making their debut a successful one with a top-three finish.

Kelley Farmer and Consent

Competition at the Lamplight Equestrian Center will continue on Wednesday, August 7, with the start of Equifest III.


Kelley Farmer – $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby winner

“He was great in the first round and he felt great today. He always tries really, really hard and he always gives me 110%, so he is a lot of fun to ride. I was far enough ahead [going into the handy round] that I just didn’t want to make a stupid mistake. He is not going to do anything to let me down so I needed to not do anything to let him down.”

Jennifer Alfano – $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby winner

Jennifer Alfano and Kindred

On Kindred:
“Kindred is 7 years old and he does the Green 3’6” Hunter division. I have had him through his pre-green year so I know him really well.  I wanted to stay this week because he will do Incentive Finals in Kentucky next week and this is good practice since it goes in the Walnut ring there. ”

On Page One:
“Page One is also doing Incentive Finals next week. She is new to me, I just got her this spring, so I am just getting to know her. She is learning to be a hunter. She did low level jumpers before.”

On her rounds:
“Kindred was great. He has a lot of miles and is well seasoned, so I was really happy with him. In the handy, I did the same track as I did on all of the other ones. I didn’t try to do anything crazy because he was far enough ahead so I just wanted to have a nice round.”

On Lamplight Equestrian Center:
“We come to Lamplight every year. I love this show, it is one of our favorite shows. I love the venue, the people all treat us so nice, we love coming here.”

On her plans for Kindred in the future:
“We will just keep going! He has plenty of scope to keep going and do some bigger stuff in the future. I think his owner is going to start riding him a bit so that will be fun.”


Kelley Farmer and Consent

$15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby results:
Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Score / R2 Score / Total Score
1. Consent / Kelley Farmer / Glefke & Kent Farrington LLC / 191 / 197 / 388
2. Untouched / Jennifer Alfano / David Glefke / 173.5 / 191.5 / 365
3. MTM Exceptional / Dorothy Douglas / Abigail Davenport / 166.5 / 198 / 364.5
4. Enchanted / Kelley Farmer / Christel Weller / 176 / 186 / 362
5. S & L Lion King / Dorothy Douglas / S & L Farms / 173.5 / 185 / 359
6. Flamboyant / Holly Shepherd / Debbie Holland / 153 / 181 / 334
7. Poetic / Ryan Sassmannshausen / Melissa Williams / 167 / 166 / 333
8. As Quoted / Kelley Farmer / David Glefke / 183 / 148 / 331
9. Anthemis Z / Jordan Lubow / Jordan Lubow / 157 / 171 / 328
10. Ollivander / Callie Rheinheimer / Wind Haven Farm /  154 / 154 / 308
11. MTM Amour / Katherine Le Blanc / Jeanne Pitre / 150 / 157 / 307
12. Midas / Holly Shepherd / Margret Camp / 143 / 64 / 207

$5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby results:
Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / R1 Score / R2 Score / Total Score
1. Kindred / Jennifer Alfano / Kathy Chiaf / 184 / 177.5 / 361.5
2. Page One / Jennifer Alfano / Jennifer Alfano / 181 / 180 / 361
3. Eileen / Savannah Talcott / Ellen Muslin / 163.75 / 179 / 342.75
4. Contemporary / Ashley Shaw / Amanda Shaw / 169 / 169 / 338
5. Honor / Ashleen Lee / Ashleen Lee / 176.5 / 159.5 / 336
6. Roc’s All That / Taylor Holstead / Taylor Holstead / 169 / 165.5 / 334.5
7. Obora’s Andre / Madeline Ryan / Madeline Ryan / 162 / 171.5 / 333.5
8. MVP / Elizabeth Kniser / Elizabeth Kniser / 162 / 166 / 328
9. No Doubt / Theodora Goffstein / Shannon Hicks / 162 / 155 / 317
10. My BFF / Erin Cummins / Erin Cummins / 166 / 148 / 314
11. At Last / Elizabeth Nestor / Claire Azar / 174 / 133 / 307
12. Silver Lining / Jennifer Alfano / Kathy Chiaf / 175.5 / 108 / 283.50



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