Kentucky CEM Quarantine Announcement: Limited Availability

Louisville, Ky. – July 25, 2019 – Do you need to import a horse into Kentucky this August? Make sure to plan ahead, as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture will have limited staff available to oversee CEM quarantine facilities during the period of August 4th through August 25th, 2019. Due to this, quarantine applications need to be sent as early as possible to aid in the approval process. To increase the likelihood of your application being accepted, please contact EquiJet as soon as possible regarding your horse’s travel needs.

“Given the limited amount of Kentucky Department of Agricultural staff available in August, customers who want to import horses into Kentucky should try to plan with more advance notice than usual so that we can try to prevent delays in travel plans or quarantine,” commented Bastian Schroeder, Founder and President of EquiJet. “For any clients who may be interested in importing horses next month, please contact us so that we can make the proper arrangements for you.”

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture will have limited staff available to oversee local CEM quarantine facilities due to regulatory responsibilities associated with the Kentucky State Fair Horse Shows and World’s Championship Horse Show in Louisville during this time frame. The organization will still take into account a number of factors to determine whether or not an application is viable for acceptance, including:

  • Amount of advance notice provided by the broker
  • Availability of manpower to conduct the pre-import inspection and receive the horse(s) on arrival
  • The scheduled date (day of week and time of the Kentucky arrival)
  • Ground transportation
  • An identified need for the quarantine to be completed in Kentucky or benefit of the importation to Kentucky and/or our equine industry
With the beginning of August right around the corner, do not delay in notifying EquiJet of your ideal shipping schedule for your horse.
Taking care of every detail, EquiJet specializes in the transportation of horses both domestic and internationally. The team at EquiJet offers an all-encompassing service, including the flight itself, quarantine logistics and necessary paperwork, allowing owners and trainers to send their horses with peace of mind. With over two decades of experience in international shipping and an extensive network of transportation partners, EquiJet prides itself on making each horse’s travel – whether to a local show or across the world – as stress-free and comfortable as possible, regardless of breed, discipline or age. EquiJet offers unparalleled customer service by horse people for horse people.

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