LiveO2® Offers Recovery Solutions of Injured Members of the Polo Community

Wellington, Fla. – May 29, 2019 – Due to the dangerous nature of the sport of polo, the Polo Players Support Group (PPSG) continues to receive requests for support. The polo community makes every effort to rally around those that could be so easily forgotten and to help those with injury or illness. The PPSG would like to introduce its newest sponsor, LiveO2®.

LiveO2® is healing without drugs, chemicals, surgery or invasive techniques. Hyper-oxygenation directs oxygen into the body’s cells which have already turned to fermentation for their energy needs. LiveO2® starts a healing and restorative process where normally there wouldn’t be any due to lack of cellular energy.


Click the screenshot above to watch a video about LiveO2®.
Click the screenshot above to watch a video about LiveO2®.
Most recently, professional polo players and PPSG grant recipients Julio Arellano and Luis Escobar have been treated using LiveO2® after sustaining traumatic brain injuries due to riding-related falls. “LiveO2® combined with the bike machine is a great tool for the brain’s oxygen but it’s also a great fitness tool. I’m extremely pleased and continue to use it,” said Arellano, 8-goal professional polo player.

LiveO2® is extremely simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home or office. It can be used to prevent or address health problems by increasing levels of oxygen which provides stunning results in terms of cell health. The PPSG encourages its polo community members to use LiveO2® to heal, recover and improve fitness.

“After just a week using LiveO2®, I felt my recuperation after games was faster,” said Escobar. “My depth in games was definitely better and I was able to keep a clearer mind throughout the game. I love it!”
LiveO2® Adaptive Contrast System
LiveO2® Adaptive Contrast System
Todd Offen, 4-goal polo professional and board member of the PPSG, has also sustained multiple concussions throughout his polo career and has come to rely on LiveO2® for both the amazing customer service and positive mental and physical improvements it has had on him.

“In just six weeks of using LiveO2®, I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my mood and energy level,” said Offen. “Due to the concussions, I can be very temperamental with mood swings but since starting LiveO2®, I have had some pretty dramatic changes in the sense of mood enhancement and chronic fatigue.”
Todd Offen using LiveO2® system
Todd Offen using LiveO2® system
Many players that have sustained brain injuries often struggle with vision impairment when they begin playing again. After just a few practice games, Offen has already experienced improvement in his vision while playing. “I can tell you already that I am tracking the ball better,” said Offen. “I really think this machine has been life-changing for me.”
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