Mark Watring and Gavanta Clinch $10,000 Cypress Point Stables 1.40m Jumpers in Temecula

Temecula, Calif. – May 31, 2019 – Hitting its halfway point for the week, the fourth and final installment of the 2019 Temecula Valley National Horse Show finished with a number of new winners Friday at Galway Downs, led by Mark Watring and Gavanta as the paramount victors for the day in the $10,000 Cypress Point Stables 1.40m Jumpers. In the MediVet Equine 1.30m Jumpers, it was Georgie Murray and Snowball who emerged as the day’s leaders, while Susan Artes and Quentin VA were crowned the overall champions of the division after three days of competition.

Mark Watring and Gavanta

Rounding out the afternoon of jumper competition in the Audi Grand Prix Arena, presented by Evergate Stables, the $10,000 Cypress Point Stables 1.40m Jumpers brought some of the fiercest exhibitors on the showgrounds to the forefront for a shot at the prize money. Competing over course designer Olaf Petersen, Jr.’s (GER) 14-effort pattern during the one-round speed class, horse-and-rider combinations took turns performing, with only four duos successfully completing the test without incurring any penalties due to downed rails or time faults. Third in the start list, Dakoda Mower and Duanda Of The Lowlands Z set the early precedent with a quick 4-fault time of 65.346 seconds to begin the class at the top, waiting for a clean round to overtake them. It took until the midway point in the order for a pair to displace the frontrunners, when Thursday’s $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Derby winner, Cassio Rivetti, piloted Isoline Van Dorperheide to a time of 67.579 seconds, which was more conservative but fault-free to jump to the head of the leaderboard.

Mark Watring and Gavanta

As the class neared its end, it appeared as if Rivetti would finish the competition uncontested. A steady stream of rails continued to fall until the partnership of Watring and Dark Horse Farms’ Gavanta challenged the top pair, systematically and carefully maneuvering the winding track to the tune of a fiery 63.536-second time, leaving all the fences intact to propel to the prime position with only a handful remaining. Back again with his second mount of the class, Rivetti and Panama added their names to the list of clean finishers in a time of 70.290 seconds, and Kaitlin Campbell and SWS Training and Sales’ Ilan followed suit with their foot-perfect time of 66.053 seconds, both too slow to take over the top honors. With none able to usurp them, Watring and Gavanta secured first prize, followed by Campbell and Ilan in the reserve spot and Rivetti and Neil Jones Equestrian Inc.’s Isoline Van Dorperheide ranking third.

Kaitlin Campbell and Ilan

Earlier in the day, the MediVet Equine 1.30m Jumper division concluded with one final opportunity for competitors to earn valuable points towards the overall championship. Operating like a power and speed class, the first seven fences made up phase one, while the last five obstacles were considered phase two, with faults carried throughout and the latter time serving as the final tally. Many riders fell victim to the time allowed during phase one, keeping them out of top placings even after finishing clear in the second phase. Early pathfinders and overall division champions Susan Artes and Quentin VA, owned by Isabel Roth, initially set a speedy time of 32.493 seconds as one of the first pairs to tackle the track, efficiently cruising over Petersen, Jr.’s pattern.

Georgie Murray and Snowball

Just five rounds later, Murray and Audrey Murrey’s Snowball powered around the course at full tilt, setting the unbeatable time of 28.028 seconds. The remainder of the pack would try to chase the duo down, with none coming within three full seconds of the quick team. Heather Morris rode the Team Express Group’s entry, Charlie Tango, to second in a time of 31.432 seconds and Artes and Quentin VA eventually settled for third place honors. With the points tallied, Artes and Quentin VA were the clear overall victors after winning first prize Thursday and adding to their success Friday, and Murray and Snowball tied with Kaitlin Campbell and Triple Bar Equestrian LLC’s Fun Fun for the reserve championship.

Susan Artes and Quentin VA

The Temecula Valley National Horse Show will continue Saturday with its highlight event, the $40,000 Snapbac National Grand Prix, followed by a series of classics Sunday to close out the 2019 circuit.


Mark Watring – $10,000 Cypress Point Stables 1.40m Jumper winner

On Gavanta:
“She is a young horse, she is 8 years old. I have been riding her for two years preparing her for the grand prix classes. She is off to a good start.”

On his strategy for the class:
“My strategy was to start out fast. From [fence] one to [fence] two, it was an 11-stride [line], so I just powered up and made up the time in the first two jumps, and then the rest of the course there really wasn’t a place to make it up. I did it from one to two basically, and kept the rails up, which is the important part.”

On the Temecula Valley National Horse Show:
“I was here last week and Ali [Nilforushan] talked me into coming back for another week, and I’m glad I came. It’s a fantastic show.”


$10,000 Cypress Point Stables 1.40m Jumpers
Place / Horse / Rider / Faults / Time
1. Gavanta / Mark Watring / 0 / 63.536
2. Ilan / Kaitlin Campbell / 0 / 66.053
3. Isoline Van Dorperheide / Cassio Rivetti / 0 / 67.579
4. Panama / Cassio Rivetti / 0 / 70.290
5. Gee Whiz / Trudi Fletcher / 4 / 64.770
6. Duanda Of The Lowlands Z / Dakoda Mower / 4 / 65.346
7. Forever Alve / Emma Reichow / 4 / 69.083
8. Gracile / Carly Anthony / 4 / 69.478
9. Laurence Z / Susan Artes / 4 / 70.778
10. Mini Coupe / Tammy Chipko / 4 / 75.924
11. Sig Thor / Shota Ogomori / 4 / 80.337
12. La Corunja 6 / Harley Brown / 8 / 68.058

MediVet Equine 1.30m Jumpers
Place / Horse / Rider / Phase 1 Faults / Phase 2 Faults / Phase 2 Time
1. Snowball / Georgie Murray / 0 / 0 / 28.028
2. Charlie Tango / Heather Morris / 0 / 0 / 31.432
3. Quentin VA / Susan Artes / 0 / 0 / 32.493
4. Lincourt Lux / Jessica Frend-Meyers / 0 / 0 / 32.706
5. Serendipity / Mandy Porter / 0 / 0 / 32.767
6. Cabacento / Jason McArdle / 0 / 0 / 33.204
7. Jacobi Von Holhede / Lisa McCluskey / 0 / 0 / 33.767
8. Cilandro / Adria Mashburn / 0 / 0 / 35.584
9. WT Leapfrog / Mandy Porter / 1 / 0 / 32.483
10. Casper Nado / Nick Green / 1 / 0 / 32.938
11. Footloose / Mari Gromkowski / 2 / 0 / 32.982
12. Durango VDM / Nicole Haunert / 2 / 0 / 35.326

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