Meet the Team Behind the Success of Bluman Equestrian

Wellington, Fla. – Feb. 28, 2020 – Founded in 2010 with a focus on high-performance competition and training, Bluman Equestrian is comprised of the five cousins of Daniel, Steven, Ilan, Mark and Joseph Bluman. With bases in Wellington, Fla., North Salem, N.Y. and Europe, the team has managed to secure its position as an industry powerhouse thanks to a strong roster of horses, most of which were trained in-house by the Bluman squad, as well as a unique formula for success. An almost unheard of feat, all five men, each of whom are under the age of 35 and still burgeoning in their careers, compete at the grand prix level.

Their names might sound familiar, but how much do you really know about the individuals that make up the team? Daniel and Steven are brothers, both of whom represent Israel, while Ilan, Mark and Joseph are also brothers, each of whom bear the flag for Colombia, to make for a diverse family of equestrians that each boast individual goals and specialties to create a well-rounded team.

Daniel (29): “Though we all contribute greatly to each horse’s training and health behind the scenes, I am most known as the member of the Bluman family that is aiming to compete our horses at the highest level. I have been lucky enough that our team has trusted me to ride the horses in some of the most exciting competitions in the world, and I’m proud to say that our results have been astounding. While the lifestyle of traveling to ride in so many top-level shows is not ideal for everyone, right now I am grateful that it is my role for the team.”

Before his 30th birthday, Daniel’s storied riding career has already taken him to competitions such as the Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, PanAmerican Games, Longines Global Champions Tour, CHIO Aachen and numerous others that have contributed to his growing list of accolades and a winning reputation. In his 2012 Olympic debut aboard Sancha LS, Daniel finished within the top 20 individuals at only 22 years of age, one of the youngest riders in the field, and he is currently qualified for his third Games, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, as a pivotal member of Team Israel.

Outside of his riding accomplishments, he is also spearheading Ride The Future, a mentorship program for young equestrians aged 15-25 that pairs them with a professional to help advance their learning. Daniel is eager to find solutions that increase the sport’s fan base while helping people find their place in the industry as he is passionate about growing the sport from every angle.

Daniel Bluman at the 2018 World Equestrian Games

Steven (28): “My biggest strengths are horsemanship and management. Being able to manage your horse’s career and daily activities is what will enable both the rider and the horse to reach the desired goals. Knowing when to jump, when not to jump and the weekly scheduling of training are imperative for success. Unfortunately, horses get hurt; it’s part of what we do. Being able to rehabilitate them is no easy feat, but I have been able to achieve this numerous times. This is the true test of management and horsemanship.”

The youngest of the Bluman clan, Steven is a vital member to Bluman Equestrian as he is the go-to source for all things related to horse management. From feed to supplements to the schedule, Steven has everything mapped out for each horse in the barn in order to keep each horse healthy and to ensure the operation is running smoothly. With an emphasis on horsemanship, he keeps an eye on the big picture of the business to make sure the entire team is working towards its goals in the best way.

A true entrepreneur, Steven is the founder and CEO of the highly innovative mobile app, Equo, which is a tool created to aid horse owners in finding safe and reliable transportation solutions for their horses all around the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Steven Bluman at Spruce Meadows

Ilan (32): “My passion and specialty lies outside of the show ring, although I do love competing. I find that my greatest strength is developing young horses and bringing out the best in all horses, especially by implementing a strong base of dressage and flatwork. Plus, teaching riders is rewarding so that they can accurately get the best out of the horse. I really enjoy the training process so that I can help allow every horse and rider to reach their combined potential.”

Thanks to his knack for teaching both equine and human athletes, Ilan is the lead trainer at Bluman Equestrian and takes on a large portion of the work with clients to help them attain their goals. A gifted horseman, he is especially adept at training young horses up the levels by incorporating a tried-and-tested approach that respects the basics of flatwork and fitness, while also increasing the rider’s confidence and abilities in the saddle.

As a competitor, Ilan accrued much success at a young age in the Children’s and Junior Jumper divisions, where he was Colombian National Champion multiple times. After winning all four gold medals in the Colombian Nationals Games – part of the Olympic Cycle – he turned professional in 2008 and was one of the original co-founders of Bluman Equestrian with his cousin, Daniel.

Ilan Bluman at HITS Saugerties

Mark (29): “I think our team is very complete because we all have different strengths. Personally, I think mine is my natural feel and capacity for riding a lot of different types of horses, while still being competitive in the show ring. As Bluman Equestrian has trained a number of horses over the years, I have been able to train on a variety of different horses, which has helped me to be an efficient catch rider and quickly adapt to all types of horses.”

Living up to his reputation as an accomplished contender on various mounts, Mark topped multiple grand prix classes across the country in 2019 with the reins on three separate horses. Thanks to his natural ability to acquire a feel for most any horse, Mark has been a crucial component of the group for both Bluman and client horses during training sessions as well as in the show ring.

Mark Bluman at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Joseph (34): “Since I am an amateur, my focus is less on the daily operations of Bluman Equestrian and more on the family business in Colombia. I love competing in Colombia as well as in the United States when I come to visit, but my role is to handle all the duties abroad so that my brothers and cousins in the United States can devote all of their efforts into making Bluman Equestrian a success.”

An accomplished horseman, Joseph began riding at a young age as one of the first in the Bluman family to take to the saddle, and he has since taken his skills to destinations such as the Winter Equestrian Festival and Old Salem Farm.

Jospeh Bluman at the Winter Equestrian Festival

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