New Year, New Diet! EnviroEquine & PET Launches Line of Certified Organic, Fully Fortified GMO-free Feed for Horses

Wellington, Fla. – Jan. 26, 2020 – EnviroEquine & PET is proud to announce that after much research and testing over two years, it has finally revealed two new products that are sure to be game changers for competitive and recreational equestrians thanks to its new Organic Balancer Plus and Organic Performance Plus. Both offerings contain high-quality clean ingredients and are certified organic, fully fortified GMO-free feeds, reaching a standard that is nearly unheard of in the equestrian community. Each product serves a specific purpose, as Organic Balancer Plus is a low-calorie ration balancer for all horses, while Organic Performance Plus is optimized for cool focused energy and stamina. Offered in 50-pound reusable and recyclable bags, EnviroEquine & PET is trying to take further steps to improving the lives of your horses and our planet.

Those winter equestrians in Wellington, Florida, are in luck as local favorite Gold Coast Feed & Supply now carries both the Organic Balancer Plus as well as the Organic Performance Plus, making it even easier for horse owners to enhance the health of their animals via the one-stop shop.

“We are all so excited to officially launch these two feeds and have been grateful for how well-received the products have been already. We initially began this project because we saw a gap in the market since no other companies are offering certified organic feed for horses, so we set out to change that,” commented Angela Brackett, Sales and Marketing Director at EnviroEquine & PET. “We wanted to provide a feed that fulfills every horse’s daily nutritional and mineral requirements, regardless of job or lifestyle, since we know how vital proper feed is for our horses. We are proud to say that we feel we have done exactly that. Our early buyers are giving us rave reviews, and we can’t wait to hear from from other happy customers!”

Organic Balancer Plus

Organic Balancer Plus is a soy-free alternative to conventional ration balancers for horses and ponies of all types and lifestages. Unlike many other non-GMO or organic feeds, Organic Balancer Plus is fortified to ensure that no nutritional deficiencies exist. By combining superior natural ingredients with the best of science, Organic Balancer Plus ensures that your horse is fed the cleanest ingredients and receives all the nutrients he needs for optimum health and performance. This highly fortified feed supports digestive function and muscle recovery, ensures a balanced immune system, strong hooves, and a radiant coat, making it an excellent choice for horses with gastrointestinal sensitivities or that are allergic to corn and soy. With the small 1- to 2-pound per day serving size for an average-sized horse, Organic Balancer Plus is perfect to add to a ration when feeding straight grains like oats or other performance feeds at below manufacturer’s recommendations, or it may be fed alone to complement forage-only diets and support easy keepers.

Organic Performance Plus

By combining high-quality clean ingredients with unique non-soy protein sources and fats, Performance Plus is a well-rounded feed that provides moderate starch and fat to fuel today’s performance horse. Organic oats provide the carbohydrates needed by muscles as a source of readily available fuel, while fat from organic sunflower seeds and flax provide cool focused energy and stamina. Organic peas and Canola meal, which are high in protein and rich in a broad range of amino acids, support topline and important body functions. Fortified with research-proven bioavailable trace minerals and prebiotics, this feed also protects your horse from the potential risks of pesticide and medication contamination. Added zinc, biotin and organic copper promote healthy hooves, coat, skin and immune function while organic selenium and natural vitamin E support post-exercise muscle recovery. Even better, added Diamond V yeast helps promote immune function and feed utilization as well as supports exercise performance.

EnviroEquine & PET products are the perfect balance of the highest quality, natural ingredients and scientific research, perfectly packaged for you, your horse or pet. All EnviroEquine & Pet products are free from sugar and GMOs, support a healthy inflammatory response, maintain athletic joints, and promote skin and coat health. EnviroEquine & Pet is also your go-to for Aubiose for EnviroEquine hemp bedding, stable solutions, finely-crafted tack and accessories and carefully curated products aimed at promoting health and wellness for riders.

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