Nilforushan Equisport Events’ Sponsors Jett Martin Equine Spa and BioEqualizer Team Up to Offer Top-Knotch Equine Care

Temecula, Calif. – May 11, 2021 – Looking to provide your horse with the best care possible while showing with Nilforushan Equisport Events (NEE) during the 2021 Temecula Valley National Horse Show series? Two of NEE’s 2021 sponsors, Jett Martin Equine Spa and BioEqualizer, have teamed up together to offer another exciting opportunity for competitors to help their horse feel their best and keep them healthier through nebulizer treatments utilizing BioEqualizer’s 100% natural Thymic Protein supplement.

Created by equine veterinarian Dr. Herbert Warren, BioEqualizer was born when Dr. Warren found the need for an immune system support product that would help not only balance, but strengthen the equine immune system. BioEqualizer is a 100% Thymic protein which modulates the cell-mediated immune system to balance the humoral system, thus keeping the body strong and healthy! BioEqualizer is delivered through nebulization with a nano-silver Zinc Gluconate solution.

“We nebulize about 100 horses a day on the racetrack with BioEqualizer,” commented Dr. Warren. “When the nebulizers came about we found it to be a much more effective delivery system for BioEqualizer than when fed-through orally. When used regularly, BioEqualizer can help prevent illness by boosting the immune system on a cellular level. We have used this product in the racing game since 1998. Being a natural product, there is no chemical test for it and it is FEI safe!”

Jett Martin Equine Spa is not an unfamiliar face around the show grounds! A long-time sponsor of NEE, Jett Martin Equine Spa offers their traveling cold salt hydrotherapy spa which can treat and prevent a variety of lower limb issues such as sprains, strains, swelling, joint pain, laminitis and more. With a mission of making sure that every horse feels their best, Jett Martin Equine Spa is eager to offer this new service utilizing BioEqualizer to their clients.

“This is a really exciting time for the Jett Martin Equine Spa,” commented owner Jett Martin. “The nebulizer immune support goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of the hydrotherapy spa. With this and the recent addition of a second spa to our lineup, we can help even more horses feel and perform better, and recover faster.”

Interested in experiencing the BioEqualizer and Jett Martin Equine Spa difference for yourself? Individual treatments are being offered at $45 per horse for non-spa horses, $40 as an add-on to a spa treatment and $175 for a package of five treatments. Be sure to pay both of their booths a visit during your stay at Galway Downs during the Temecula Valley National Horse Show series!


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