The Patio At Polo’s International Plates and Hometown Atmosphere Make for the Perfect Recipe

Wellington, Fla. – Feb. 11, 2018 – For The Patio At Polo’s Chef Mat Allen and Sheila Motley, the work never stops to continually improve their charming Wellington restaurant for the benefit of their diverse patrons. Hosting an eclectic group of locals and international visitors from all across the globe during the winter season, the village of Wellington can be a tricky community to master in terms of cuisine, but culinary experts Allen and Motley have managed to build an ideal space for equestrians, snowbirds and year-long residents alike. Since opening its doors just over two years ago, The Patio At Polo has successfully centered around the principles of delicious international cuisine and a casual, yet elegant atmosphere, solidifying the quaint dining and event spot as one of the best Wellington offerings.

The Patio At Polo is one of the most inventive dining spots in Wellington.
All photos by Captured Photography by Jenny.

“Throughout the year, we brainstorm ideas for the menu, even when we are not in Wellington. After the horse show season ends and the restaurant closes for the summer, we go out to restaurants in other parts of the country to see what’s going on there. When a few things catch our eyes, we try to incorporate those two flavors together and make something new,” said Chef Allen. “We are always thinking of things to do differently, even when we go home at night. I ask myself if I was a customer, how would I want to feel?”

At any given evening at The Patio At Polo, you’ll find a melting pot of diners ranging from equestrians of all disciplines to locals of all nationalities and ages, a testament to the universal likeability of the plates and the ambiance. With decades of experience and two countries – England and the United States – represented between them, the duo of Allen and Motley are uniquely qualified to cater to the wants of the winter crowd. Thanks to their expertise, The Patio At Polo has seamlessly incorporated the combined experiences of its owners in catering and restaurant operations, while also blending in a level of personalization for the Wellington crowd, especially the thousands of equestrians that take up residence in South Florida until the spring.

“Wellington can be difficult because everyone is from around the world, so I try to keep it simple, but with a twist. Especially for equestrians who have been at the stable all day, they want to sit down, be able to come in breeches, relax and enjoy something somewhat familiar, like a home-cooked meal. To keep the options fresh and appeal to the international client base, we also update the menu every so often, but we keep the staples that are everyone’s favorites,” commented Chef Allen.

Always seeking to improve, The Patio At Polo recently welcomed three wines from The Withers Winery to the carefully curated menu, designed specifically with the Wellington audience in mind. Donning the image of a grey horse on the bottle, the new options on the wine list are a perfect portrayal of The Patio At Polo: classic taste with a beautiful exterior, all while featuring an equine component. Already a beautiful evening space adorned with tiki torches and tasteful artwork, the unique open-air space at The Patio At Polo was further enhanced before the 2019 season, with refined decor and expanded seating options adding to the appeal. Helmed by Allen and Motley, The Patio At Polo is constantly striving towards being the best it can be for the community, always with the right message at its heart.

“It is not about the money first. It is about the customer satisfaction, making them happy and feeling welcome. It really is family-run, and we’re trying to do what is best for the people who join us. I want to make everybody happy, and I want to make sure I give the place 100 percent,” remarked Chef Allen. “We believe in what we do, and we hope the people of Wellington have enjoyed this journey of building The Patio At Polo as much as we have.”

To dine at The Patio At Polo, please make sure to make reservations by calling or texting 561-660-3300 to secure your spot. For more information on The Patio at Polo or to view the current menu, please visit


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