Phelps Media Group Enthusiastically Welcomes  C-6 Equestrian to Distinguished Roster of Clientele

Wellington, Fla. – Feb. 11, 2021Phelps Media Group (PMG), an international leader in equestrian sports marketing and public relations, is thrilled to announce the addition of C-6 Equestrian, a group devoted to creating a new transformational space for women and their horses, to their client roster. C-6 Equestrian’s mission is to while alter old perspectives and invite women to explore a greater connection to their energy, skill sets, and confidence to enhance their personal journeys with themselves and their horses. Dr. Jenny Susser, an acclaimed Sport & Performance Psychologist, Mette Larsen, a USDF Silver Medalist and an accomplished FEI dressage competitor, and Sinead Halpin Maynard, a CCI5* Eventer and United States Equestrian Team rider, joined forces to form, C-6 Equestrian. The group aims to foster a community of like-minded individuals focused on creating a new model for women in the equestrian industry through their new and engaging symposium series in addition to their growing online community.

Founded in 2020 by top professionals in their perspective fields, the women highlight new and unique ways on navigating the equestrian industry as a female. C-6 Equestrian is founded on a model of six C’s which they emphasize in their educational and eye-opening symposiums: confidence, connection, communication, commitment, community, and culture. C-6 Equestrian offers a new interactive learning experience for women and their horses with the goal of breaking the traditional clinic mold.

“For more than a decade as a sport psychologist, I have listened to fearful, unconfident women talk about how they can’t do it like their trainer does or how their trainer says they should do it,” explained Dr. Jenny Susser. “At C-6 we don’t say, ‘suck it up’ or ‘just get on with it,’ we say, ‘what do you need to learn, acquire, do, or be in order to accomplish what you set out to do?’ Women have a different “feel” and so we need to honor that and create our skills from there. We are all about increasing skill sets, performance abilities, and connection. And so, to start, we focus on the relationship between horse and rider, and that is where C-6 is different. Our secret sauce is the three of us, working together, adding up to more than the sum of the parts, always looking for confidence, connection, commitment, communication, culture, and community.”

Each two-day symposium has their own theme for the weekend. Unlike the typical clinic experience, the three professionals engage with both the audience and the demonstration riders incorporating bigger picture themes that apply to life outside of the barn. Susser, Larsen, and Halpin Maynard trade-off in their leadership roles to share examples, both in and out of the saddle, of their experiences in the equestrian world, struggles they have encountered during their careers, and how to create a personalized “toolkit” to develop a stronger connection with the audiences’ horses.

The premiere C-6 Symposium, held in Ocala, Florida from January 23-24, 2021, was a masterclass called Energy for Confidence & Connection in Horsewomen. Women from all over North America came to be a part of the sold-out event. After two days of in-depth and personalized instruction and communal engagement with Susser, Larsen, and Halpin Maynard, the unique environment allowed the women to learn how to engage with their horses and their horse community in a new and more effective way. While the January symposium will be broadcast in partnership with Horse & Country TV, C-6 Equestrian aims to produce a digital content platform in the future in order for their educational segments to be available for streaming to equestrian women around the world.

“This is the first time that I have been in a group this size of women when we are all together supporting each other,” shared Wanda Morrow who traveled from Washington, North Carolina, to participate. “It empowers you to drop your inhibitions and be the real person that you are without fear of being judged. Then you can succeed! I find that huge.”

Participants from the first official C-6 Symposium gathered in a socially distanced circle at the end of the event to reflect on what they learned.

“Phelps Media Group is thrilled to work with and learn from these three established equestrians and female professionals as they further develop the C-6 vision,” said Lenore Phillips, Phelps Media Group Vice President. “As a predominately female-powered business, Phelps is looking forward to utilizing our expertise to support C-6 Equestrian as they work to empower female horse enthusiasts from the inside out.”

To learn more about C-6 Equestrian, be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook page.

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