Retired Racehorse Project Sponsored Riders Depend On Enviro Equine Products

Austin, TX – October 3, 2017 – Getting and keeping a horse healthy and in peak fitness is no easy task, especially when transitioning between disciplines. Enviro Equine & Pet strives to provide the best all-natural products to help horse caretakers do just that, and we are happy to hear from a few of our Sponsored Riders who participate in the Retired Racehorse Project and will be competing at the 2017 $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium, which takes place October 5-8 at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The Retired Racehorse Project(RRP) involves 578 trainers working with Thoroughbred ex-racehorses that will have received less than 10 months of retraining. They will travel from 46 states and three countries, all hoping to be crowned America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred. Jessica Bortner-Harris, Jordan Pruiksma, Rebecca Walters and Sarah Lim Clements Berkowitz narrate their experiences with Enviro Equine topicals and nutrition programs as a key part of retraining their Thoroughbreds.

Jessica Bortner-Harris is a successful advanced eventing rider, as well as the owner of JBH Eventing at Rocky Start Stables. She trained Whoop Whoop De Do as a part of the 2017 RRP, and will compete on him at the finale event. Bortner-Harris relies on Enviro Equine products including GastroBalance, ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance to keep all of her horses looking and feeling healthy, regardless of age or job.


“I have been nothing but impressed with these products and how they have helped my horses, especially my RRP horse, Whoop Whoop De Do. He has been a leggy, gangly dude since I got him last year as a 3-year-old. Everyone is constantly commenting on the fact that he looks like he’s always growing. My feeding and riding program helped him a lot, but I just couldn’t seem to get that last little bit of weight on him to make him completely filled out. With the addition of the GastroBalanceElectroBalance, and OmegaBalance to his diet, I am blown away by the difference in how he looks and feels.” 

To read more of Jessica’s review and learn about Whoop Whoop De Do, click here.

Jordan Pruiksma has successfully competed in the RRP for a number of years, and has been a devoted user of Enviro Equine products for part of that tenure, using both ElectroBalance and GastroBalance in combination with OmegaBalance to help transform her OTTBs into strong, healthy riding horses. Pruiksma will ride Bandit City in the RRP finale in Lexington the first week of October.


“My RRP horse, Bandit City, for this year has been on both GastroBalance Plus and ElectroBalance plus OmegaBalance. Bandit City came to me in fantastic condition. Great weight and covered in dapples. His coat did lack a little bit of shine though and once I started him on the ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance, the difference was night and day. He is a mild cribber so I also like the GastroBalance Plus to aid in any ulcer issues I think he may be having, which is why I like to switch between the two.”

For Jordan full testimonial and more information on Bandit City, click here.

Rebecca Walters, who works as an exercise rider with Orebanks Racing Stable and participates in the popular Thoroughbred Makeover, also relies on multiple Enviro Equine & Pet products to help get her horses in top condition. Walters will show her RRP horse, Howie Gonnado This, in the October 2017 RRP grand finale event.

“Enviro Equine products have helped my horse, Howie Gonnado This, adjust to his new life as a show horse by making his coat shiny and full of dapples all the time! Howie gets ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance every day. They’re so easy to use because they’re essentially all-in-one products.”

Sarah Lim Clements Berkowitz is the owner and operator of Top Venture Stables, and is also a returner to the RRP ring. In 2016, Berkowitz won the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover semi-finals out of 77 competitors and finished 2nd in the Show Hunter Finale. This year, she trained Speechify as a part of the 2017 RRP, and will be riding him in the dressage discipline during the finale event. Berkowitz uses OmegaBalance to keep Speechify strong and healthy in spite of a rare disorder.

“As many people know, Speechify is a very special horse. Due to a rare esophageal stricture, he is completely unable to eat any solid food. He can not have one bite of grass, or hay or normal grain. All of his feed must be soaked down for several hours so that he is able to drink his meals. Although many senior and complete feeds are fortified with the full daily vitamin and mineral recommendations, I truly believe that adding Enviro Equine’s OmegaBalance to his program has contributed immensely to his success. All of our horses are on Enviro Equine products.”

Read more about both Howie Gonnado This and Speechify, as well as how Walters and Berkowitz implement Enviro Equine products into their daily routine here.

Enviro Equine & Pet products, through the use of the highest quality natural ingredients available, strive to keep horses as healthy as possible while limiting the steps for the owners and caretakers have to take during feeding and grooming. By putting enormous effort into finding the best science available, this gives owners peace of mind to concentrate on daily training and helping their horses be the best that they can be.

For more information on the Retired Racehorse Project, please click here.

For more information on Enviro Equine & Pet or to order product, please click here.


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