Saving horses one horse at a time! Argyle Ranch Recognized as EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm

EQUUS Foundation Forever Farms are horse farms and equestrian facilities that demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the comfort and dignity of horses throughout their lives by adopting and providing a forever home for at least one equine rescued from abuse, neglect, the threat of slaughter, or surrendered due to owner hardship and/or assuming the responsibility for the care and providing a temporary home for an equine foster on an ongoing basis.

The EQUUS Foundation welcomes the opportunity to recognize Argyle Ranch as an EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm. With tens of thousands of America’s horses in peril, fostering is a powerful way to allow rescue centers to increase their capacity and save more lives. One such center is Lucky Orphans, an EQUUS Foundation Guardian, that is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for unwanted, abused, and neglected horses and to working side by side with the horses they rescue to help change the lives of people, especially at-risk youth, struggling to overcome addiction, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and other disabilities.

Deanna Mancuso, Executive Director, Lucky Orphans, is always willing to offer advice when sought to those who may be interested in starting a horse rescue, and so she did in the spring of 2018. “While the passion to help horses is important — and resources are essential, what is also critical is to assess whether you have, or even want to have, what it will actually take to manage a herd of horses or an equine facility.”

Proceeding on Mancuso’s advice, the prospective owners set out to find a farm which could hopefully serve as a satellite facility for Lucky Orphans, and in March 2020, shared the exciting news with Mancuso that they had purchased a property just three miles from Lucky Orphans’ main facility in Dover, New York, consisting of eight large airy stalls, and over 40 acres of pasture.

Argyle Ranch
Argyle Ranch

EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm Argyle Ranch
EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm Argyle Ranch

Argyle Ranch became home for four of Lucky Orphans’ special needs horses – Tiara who has severe COPD and
needs constant turnout, her pasture mate, Ethel, Siri, who is completely blind, and her pasture mate, Dottie, who has severe arthritis in her knee.

EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm Argyle Ranch
Ethel and Tiara at Argyle Ranch

“Argyle Ranch donates the stables and pastures to us,” said Mancuso. “Argyle is the perfect place for these mares as they overlook the scenic mountains and live their absolute best life. There are some people who would like to make a difference but may not have the resources or drive and there are some people who have the resources but no desire to make a difference — and then there are people like the owners of Argyle Ranch, who use their resources and drive to make positive change.”


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