Are You Setting Your Horse Up for Success? EnviroEquine & PET Lighting Solutions Lunch & Learn at WEF

Join Thursday at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Wellington, Fla. – Mar. 3, 2020 – In just a few days, you have the opportunity to help your horse improve performance, health and breeding ability. On Thursday, Mar. 5 in The Wellington Club at the Winter Equestrian Festival, EnviroEquine & PET is proud to present a Lunch & Learn opportunity titled “How to Help Your Horse See His Way To Less Stress: Innovative Equestrian Lighting Solutions.” Equestrians will learn about how different lighting solutions in stables, indoor and outdoor arenas, vet clinics, breeding barns and competition venues can affect their horses from EnviroEquine & PET’s scientific advisor Dr. Clair Thunes, Ph.D., and Philip Gotthelf, creator of Equine-Bright™.

EnviroEquine & PET invites you to join the conversation at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center on Mar. 5 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Food, refreshments and raffle prizes are included!

Can’t attend? Luckily, EnviroEquine & Pet will be livestreaming the event on their Facebook page!

Unbeknownst to many horsemen, breeding barns, event venues, indoor and outdoor arenas, stables and veterinary clinics each require specific lighting solutions to provide optimal results. After extensively studying the equine eye and how it responds to various light waves, Equine-BrightTM has generated new technologies that can help with the sensitivities to light that horses have. Equine-Bright™ technology is the first lighting that addresses the combined visual requirements of the horse and rider. It is also a major safety factor that can prevent accidents and avoid stress.  With two experts in the field on hand, this event is a worthwhile opportunity to learn, ask questions and expand your knowledge in order to become a better caretaker for your horses.

Until the development of Equine-Bright™, facility managers, trainers, and riders were forced to compromise on light quality with generic fixtures like metal halide, halogen, high pressure sodium, and LEDs. None of these fixtures specifically address the unique nature of equine vision within the context of human interactions. Moreover, a lack of understanding about how horses visualize the world has led to poor design decisions for stables, barns, and competition venues. Armed with the knowledge that a horse’s vision is most suited for low light levels and are  sensitive to the use of bright lights, Equine-BrightTM developed a lighting technology that addresses the side effects caused by generic fixtures and designed a solution that delivers the proper amount of light needed to maximize the visual capabilities of the equine eye.

Please consider joining the Lunch & Learn, titled “How to Help Your Horse See His Way To Less Stress: Innovative Equestrian Lighting Solutions” on Mar. 5 at The Wellington Club at the Palm Beach Equestrian Center beginning at 11:30 a.m. for this educational opportunity.

To RSVP, contact EnviroEquine & PET directly at 1-800-218-1571 or or click “Going” on the Facebook event here.

The EnviroEquine & PET range of products are the perfect balance of the highest quality ingredients and scientific research, perfectly packaged for you, your horse or pet. From eco-friendly bedding and stable solutions to finely-crafted tack and accessories, the team at EnviroEquine aims to offer the best products that promote health and wellness for not only your horses and pets, but yourself as well.

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