How Showjumper Abigail McArdle is Reaching New Heights in the Show Ring

Wellington, Fla. – April 17, 2020 – As a proud partner of  BioStar USArtisan Poultices, U.S. show jumping athlete Abigail McArdle relies on BioStar’s poultice products to keep her horses healthy and ready to tackle the jumper ring.

Abigail McArdle and Victorio 5
Origin-LLM Artisan Poultice, BioStar’s lumbar, limb and muscle poultice, is designed specifically for use on areas of edema, swelling, inflammation and heat. It can be used before and after daily training and competition for:
  • Tightening and cooling legs
  • Soothing sore muscles for enhanced recovery
  • Soothing and cooling joints and connective tissue

Made by hand without the use of stainless steel instruments (utensils, mixers, bowls) to ensure high conductivity of the clays, Origin-LLM can also be used as a foundation poultice to add your own herbs or essential oils, and is designed for a thin layer application that will produce superior results.

“I love the BioStar poultice because [Victorio 5] actually has very sensitive legs, I haven’t had much luck with other poultices,” said McArdle. “They’ve actually been more irritating than helpful. What I find great about the BioStar poultices is that everything is hand-mixed, all the ingredients are things I can trace back to their roots and has no chemicals. You get a really great result with the poultice – a nice tight leg and no irritation.”
Origin-LLM ingredients include a variety of vitamins, minerals, oils and herbs, each of which play a key role in keeping horses’ legs healthy. Essential oils, such as holy basil oil, oregano oil, frankincense and myrrh provide an aromatherapy effect for horses, and help to reduce muscle soreness. Arnica extract increases blood supply and the rate of circulation to sore muscles, bruises and strains. Apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and calendula oil provide anti-inflammatory support, while epsom salts support muscle and nerve function.
BioStar has also crafted a Hoof & Sole Artisan Poultice, as well as the Traumera™ Artisan Poultice. The Hoof & Sole poultice is designed specifically to be used as hoof packing or topically to treat soreness, bruising, and abscesses, while The Traumera™ poultice was fashioned for the care of wounds, abrasions, stings, hives, scratches and sores on horses. You can rest easy knowing that your horse is receiving the highest quality care possible while contributing to the greater good when feeding and treating with BioStar US. For more information about BioStar’s poultice products, please click here or watch the video below.

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