Sorensen Stables and Halie Robinson Partner to Connect North American Riding with European Talent

Maastricht, NED – March 20, 2019 – Riding with a soft hand, loose reins and forward seat, Halie Robinson is the epitome of the American hunt seat style. Aiming to revolutionize the process of horse shopping, Sorensen Stables is six months into its newest initiative, Pinch Punch: First of the Month, and was thrilled to reconnect with the young professional to promote the newest collection of curated Pinch Punch horses after her experience at Sorensen Stables’ THE HUNT European Hunter Auction in 2017. Thanks to proponents of the team’s new ideas like Robinson, Sorensen Stables is able to serve as a bridge between the European talent and the North America market, providing dream horses, forever partners and ring-ready champions to hopeful horse owners.

“It is really special because they know both sides of the horse-trading industry: European and North American. Obviously, the styles of the training, development and riding of horses are very different. In the past when I have ridden horses who are imported, I always have a little bit of a job to do as the rider to teach them the American way. It might take a month or it might take a year,” commented Robinson. “What really stood out to me about the Sorensen’s horses was that I could ride them as if they had already been in America. There is no learning curve. From a buyer’s viewpoint, these horses are as good as they are going to get. You can’t find that attribute of an imported horse anywhere else because the Sorensen team are the only people that know exactly what buyers in America are looking for, both for professionals and amateurs. They know exactly what the market is like, and I think that gives them a really big edge when it comes to the business in general.”

Boasting a successful junior career, which included the 2017 victory in the Platinum Performance/USEF Talent Search Finals – West, and now a budding professional career based out of California, Robinson is intimately familiar with the process of purchasing European prospects for North American show rings. A prime example of the North American riding style, Robinson was invited to make the trip to The Netherlands to assist in filming the highlight videos for the featured Pinch Punch horses during the month of March, Jupiter and Egbert. With an American rider on their backs, both horses fared spectacularly under saddle and over fences thanks to the Sorensen program of selection, vetting and training, a testament to their familiarity with the fashion of riding that the horses will experience in the United States and Canada.

“The first time that I met Chris Sorensen was actually for THE HUNT European Hunter Auction. I went to Europe to try some of their horses for our customer here in America, and there were so many good ones that were such high-quality. I didn’t know how we were going to decide which horse to bid on because they were some of the most special horses I had ever ridden. Usually, you spend 20 hours of driving to maybe find one horse that is of some quality. To have that many high-quality horses at your disposal was really amazing, and it says a lot to me about the standard of horses that they supply and develop,” reflected Robinson. “When I went back to ride the horses for Pinch Punch, it was the exact same standard that I remembered. I have been very fortunate in North America to get to ride some of the nicest equitation horses and hunters in the country, and the Sorensen horses just always come out on top.”

Now approximately six months into operation, Sorensen Stables’ Pinch Punch has proven that the concept is a surefire way to allow buyers direct access to the European source of top sport horses while minimizing risk thanks to a proven system of selection and transition. Each month, an elite group of horses, each of whom have been diligently researched, trained and vetted, as well as hand-picked for their overall excellence in conformation, movement, jumping technique and temperament, is made available to Pinch Punch subscribers. In only a few short months, Pinch Punch graduates have already accumulated championships in show rings across North America, including in Wellington, Florida, for the competitive Winter Equestrian Festival.

“In general, there’s usually a risk when it comes to importing horses because often it is only based on a video, or maybe you don’t get the whole story from the dealer. But you can always rely on the Sorensens to get you not only what you were promised, but most likely something beyond your highest expectations. Their talent alone sets them on top in regards to business, but their honesty and integrity sets them on top as people,” praised Robinson.

Experts at sourcing horses for clients, whether they want an embryo or an international champion, Sorensen Stables is a key player behind the scenes of the achievements of numerous successful pairs, having perfectly matched horses and riders for years to set duos on promising paths. With new horses trained to be successful in the North American market released on the first of each month, Pinch Punch is a unique new method for buyers to directly access the best that Europe has to offer. Horse purchasing should not have to be difficult, no matter where you are in the world, and Sorensen Stables is ready and able to provide you with the solution.

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