Sponsored Rider Marcia Kulak Relies on Enviro Equine for Multiple Disciplines

Austin, TX – Dec. 19, 2017 – For Marcia Kulak, horses have been a way of life. Growing up in the world of 3-day eventing, Kulak has since added hunters, jumpers, equitation and dressage to her repertoire to become one of the few multi-disciplinary athletes and trainers. She has been traveling to Wellington, Fla. for nearly 30 years, long before it was the winter equestrian capital. Her travels to Wellington were initially to train with Anne Kursinski during the era when the High Performance 3-Day Eventing team trained in South Florida. Now based out of both Wellington and upstate New York, Kulak has a unique vantage point as a professional in multiple equestrian disciplines, and further understands the stressors and nutritional requirements for our equine athletes at all skill levels. An avid supporter of correct equine health, Kulak was first introduced to the Enviro Equine line of all-natural products two years ago and has been a loyal user ever since, routinely implementing GastroBalance PLUS, ElectroBalance and OmegaBalance into her horses’ daily regimens.

Marcia Kulak. Photo: Amy Dragoo

“I recognized long ago that the stress of travel and competition is a significant factor in a horse’s ability to perform, and I also believe that good health starts in the GI tract and with a healthy immune system,” said Kulak. “Nutrition and correct supplementation are really important to me, so I research everything to the best of my ability with the guidance of equine nutritionists and veterinarians to help tailor my feeding program the best possible way. When I read about Enviro Equine, I was very intrigued because there is a lot of research and science behind the products. It is appealing to me because I have proven in my own program through correct feeding how much nutrition can truly support a horse’s ability to perform at the highest level in any discipline.”

Kulak and her clients rely on Enviro Equine’s OmegaBalance as a daily supplement to support their horses through the rigors incurred with exercise and training, in addition to promoting excellent skin health and coat quality. For competition horses, both ElectroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS are implemented depending upon a horse’s stage of training.

“During heavy competition the horses are on the ElectroBalance. I also have some horses that are rehabbing and coming off of either stressful training or injury, so I have those switched to the GastroBalance PLUS,” commented Kulak. “I feel those two products can be interchangeable, but horses that are out competing and traveling a lot, particularly in hot weather and then getting on a truck to go back home the same day, they really do need the Adding to the diverse collection of horses that Kulak oversees, she also helps clients who own senior horses whose show ring days are behind them.

Adding to the diverse collection of horses that Kulak oversees, she also helps clients who own senior horses whose show ring days are behind them.

“I think the senior horses really benefit from the GastroBalance PLUS because even though they aren’t traveling and competing, there is a degree of stress in being an adult amateur horse,” said Kulak. “They have their own set of criteria that makes them a very valuable horse and as they age you really need to support their immune system, gastrointestinal health and integrity.”

Operating a unique business comprised of both competitive and recreational horses, Kulak currently places emphasis on not only 3-day event training, but has also become a frequent name in the hunter/jumper show and sales sphere with re-trained equine athletes. She has successfully hand-selected 3-day event horses that show aptitude in other disciplines and repurposed them, many earning a spot in the top level of their new discipline. With a barn full of multi-talented athletes performing a variety of jobs, Kulak ensures that her entire team understands the needs of each animal.

“I try to run a very progressive program. I like education and reaching outside the box. I believe everyone on our team has a role, whether it is the nutritionist, farrier, veterinarian or even the riders, we can always do something better. I strive to be on the cutting edge of everything,” said Kulak. “I share my experience with all of my clients. Just because their horses aren’t tapped into going to [Land Rover] Kentucky 3-Day [Event], or aren’t competing at WEF or Global, I find most horse owners would like to do the very best for their horse.”

With numerous horses, both competitive and amateur, receiving Enviro Equine products as a part of their daily regimen, Kulak has witnessed firsthand the positive effects that the line of supplements has instigated in her string of horses. By caring for horses at a variety of ages and disciplines, she has educated herself on the foundations of proper equine nutrition, and Enviro Equine is proud to meet the expectations of such a respected horsewoman.

“Good nutrition is a cornerstone to a horse’s ability to thrive and have sustained success whatever the discipline,” summed up Kulak. “Even though Enviro Equine products are on the higher end of the cost scale, what you get out of these products-enhancing a horse’s health, longevity, ability to do their job, and minimizing the risk of colic-if you add all that up, this product helps enhance your horse’s life. I find my clients really want that edge regardless of their competitive goals.”

For more information or to order product, please visit enviroequine.com.


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