Veterinary Students Learn the Power of Living a Life With Purpose From FullBucket’s Dr. Rob Franklin

Weatherford, Texas – April 19, 2019 – Two members of the FullBucket tribe, co-founder Dr. Rob Franklin and Mike “Zig” Zeigler, their retail sales influencer, recently returned to their home turf of Texas A&M University to discuss FullBucket’s philanthropic mantra, “Be Good and Do Good”, the power of a purpose driven life and all things animal health. With the help of Texas A&M clinical assistant professor, Dr. Leslie Easterwood, the lunch and learn hosted thirty doctors, technicians and university staff, to learn about FullBucket’s inspiring one-for-one business initiatives and how their products are helping clients who come to Texas A&M for veterinary service followed by an engaging conversation with current veterinary students.
“Fullbucket’s story began with two equine veterinarians who developed a supplement line of quality products for veterinarians to manage digestive issues of horses, dogs and cats,” Dr. Franklin explained. “After some initial success, we realized having just another animal healthcare company was not going to fulfill our life’s ambitions. We share the same innate feeling you most likely do: try your best each day to leave people, animals and the world better than when you found them. We strive to have meaning and purpose in our life that isn’t self-serving and that is how our giving trips came to fruition.”
FullBucket’s extensive line of products are made from all-natural ingredients in the United States to provide the nutritional support that horses, dogs and cats need to maintain a healthy digestive tract. The company not only stands out for offering the highest-concentration, probiotic-based animal health supplements on the market, but with their Giving and Care+Care Programs. For every FullBucket product that is purchased, another will be donated to treat horses and donkeys in developing countries through the company’s giving program. Inspired by their mantra, “Be Good and Do Good,” the company distributes custom nutritional products to impoverished villages as well as provides year-round support and education.
Each year, FullBucket and industry-leading veterinary science and animal surgery experts team up with local veterinarians and animal welfare advocates in Mexico and Central America to perform free veterinary exams and surgeries on the working equines impoverished families depend on. During the lunch presentation, Dr. Franklin and Zeigler told the story of a recent Care+Care Program trip in Guatemala, where FullBucket’s all-volunteer team treated working equines for an assortment of different afflictions, in addition to providing basic services such as dental floating and deworming horses.
At the conclusion of the lunch, Dr. Franklin and Zeigler visited the onsite neonatal intensive care unit to meet with veterinarians who focused on ailing foals before they headed to the equestrian center to connect with students. Thirty-five of Texas A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences students gathered with FullBucket for an engaging discussion about philanthropy and mental health in the animal science industry.
Dr. Franklin shared stories with the students about FullBucket’s giving trips as an example of how you can find purpose within your desired career. He challenged students to consider the aspects they value most, like contentment, happiness and joy. In break-out discussions, students were encouraged to collaborate and share their answers as a group. Dr. Franklin then helped link their answers back to finding their own paths but always with the goal of giving back and helping others.
“Vet students are under a tremendous amount of pressure,” Zeigler said. “Many of them enter the program thinking it’s going to be great but vet life is tough. There are no set hours and you often deal with tragedy. It is hard enough with just the animal but then you deal with all the other emotions that surround it so we wanted to dive into a serious discussion with the students.”
“It goes back to our motto of ‘Be Good and Do Good’ and help those along the way, but using those tools as self-care,” Zeigler explained. “As a veterinarian, you can get so strung out. You have school, debt and you are working from sun up to sundown. It is important to remember that you have to take care of yourself before you can truly help other people. The main idea of the exercise was to find that purpose and meaning in life and to have that include giving back.
“When we serve others and go on these giving trips, our volunteers and veterinary students forget about material concerns such as clothes, looks and money,” he continued. “It follows that same path of ‘Yes, you have to be successful’ but if you can, pull away and focus on someone else or give to others. Other things fall into perspective and it makes life a bit lighter, easier and softer.”
Looking to the future, FullBucket would like to expand these conversations with veterinary universities that are already utilizing FullBucket products. Zeigler concluded, “We had a wonderful time discussing our mantra and initiatives to the students at Texas A&M University and we are looking forward to expanding our lunch and learn series.”
To learn more about FullBucket Health, click here.

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