Victory for Mandy Porter and Milano in $60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix at Temecula Valley National Horse Show

Temecula, Calif. – May 26, 2018 – Nilforushan Equisport Events’ Temecula Valley National Horse Show returned Saturday for the penultimate and largest day of the weekly competition at Galway Downs, with elite horses and athletes taking center stage in the $60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Pulling ahead of the field with the speediest double clear ride of the evening was Mandy Porter and Milano, solidifying Porter’s second big win of the week following her top prize in Thursday’s $30,000 Voltaire 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Classic. Earlier in the day, Leslie Wright and Adamus nabbed the tricolors in the $10,000 Shires 1.35m Speed Classic. Across the showground in the grass Grand Hunter Arena, Sybil Rose and Ciacolini made their marks on the Amateur-Owner 3’6” 18-35 Hunters with a blue ribbon and two second place finishes, while Hallie Williams, in the irons aboard Bee Knees, captured the Junior 3’3” Hunter championship title.

Mandy Porter and Milano

The first phase of the $60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix, held in the Audi Grand Prix Arena, challenged exhibitors over course designer Frédéric Cottier’s (FRA) 15-effort track. Of the initial field, only six pairs qualified for the jump-off with clean and clear rides over the long track, with a handful of competitors falling victim to the 72-second time allowed. Headed into the jump-off, Shawn Casady had the advantage, having ridden both HKC Collection, LLC’s Cicomein VDL and Highpoint Farm, LLC’s Campitello 5 to successful trips over the initial course.

Shawn Casady and Cicomein VDL

Facing stiff competition, Casady and Cicomein VDL set the bar high as the first to go over the shortened track, leaving all the rails intact and crossing the finish line in a quick 36.274 seconds thanks to a series of bold slices across the fences. Riding third in the jump-off, Porter piloted Abigail Archer’s Milano, a 13-year-old Swedish Warmblood gelding, to a smart and savvy ride, stopping the timers less than one second ahead of the leading pair in 35.351 seconds to take over the lead with half of the short course pack left to ride. Casady and Campitello 5 gave Porter and Milano a run for their money two trips later as the third double clear of the evening, but ultimately broke the beam in a more conservative 40.705 seconds to settle for third position.

Shawn Casady and Campitello 5

With Porter leading and Casady sitting in two and three, the final contender, Olympic gold medalist Will Simpson, posed trouble for the horse-and-rider combinations at the top of the scoreboard.

Mandy Porter and Milano

In the irons aboard his own Chacco P, the seasoned veteran started strong but had an unfortunate rail mid-course, solidifying Porter and Milano as the $60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix champions. Casady maintained his second and third positions in the final standings with the rides on Cicomein VDL and Campitello 5, respectively, as the only other double clears of the class behind Porter.

Leslie Wright and Adamus

In the $10,000 Shires 1.35m Speed Classic, Wright and Pinnacle Equine Group’s Adamus galloped across the track, which creatively included a double bounce, in a breakneck clean time of 62.129 seconds to clinch the lead, which would prove to be the best of the afternoon. Running under a Table C format, faults were converted into time to produce a cumulative score and, under pressure to break the beam as quickly as possible, most of the field pulled rails. Of the nearly 40 entrants, only five pairs navigated clean rides, with three of those finishing in the top three spots. Natalie Dean and her own Don’s Diamant kept all the rails up but were just a hair off the pace, finishing the course in 62.615 seconds, followed by owner-rider Sarah Baz and Abadan in third position with a clear ride in 65.102 seconds.

Sybil Rose and Ciacolini
Sybil Rose and Ciacolini

After her performance in Saturday’s Amateur-Owner 3’6” 18-35 Hunter division, Sybil Rose of Phoenix, Arizona, will head into the final day of competition Sunday in the lead with 7-year-old German Sporthorse gelding Ciacolini, owned by Homestead Lane Farm. The pair won their handy round, as well as received a red ribbon in both the over fences and the under saddle classes. Jacqueline Attwood Dupont on Spotlight and Megan Kerpsack on Calandra are in a close race for second place after one day of divisional competition.

Hallie Williams and Bee Knees
Hallie Williams and Bee Knees

In the Junior 3’3” Hunter division, Hallie Williams rode her 11-year-old Warmblood gelding Bee Knees to the highly contested championship title. The duo maneuvered their way to both a blue and red ribbon in their over fences classes, as well as a third-place finish in the handy round. Tate Beteta and Playlist, her 11-year-old Holsteiner gelding, received the reserve championship after winning an over fences round, placing second in another over fences round and placing third in the under saddle.

Tate Beteta and Playlist
Tate Beteta and Playlist

The final day of Week II will take place Sunday, with prize money in abundance. In the jumper ring, the Low, Medium and High Junior/Amateur-Owners will be featured, while hunter classics will be offered in the Children’s Hunters, Pony Hunters, Adult Amateurs and more.


Mandy Porter – $60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix champion

On Milano:
“I’ve been riding him for two years. We originally bought him for his owner and she was riding him when we first bought him. Since then she got married and is now pregnant. Along the way, she loves the horse and sport enough that she has given me the ride — I am very lucky. He is always game. I have to make sure I stay out of his way. He’s a fighter.”

Mandy Porter and Milano
Mandy Porter and Milano

On the course:
“I thought the course was great. It was a bit of a rider’s course in that there were places where the jumps were careful. You can tell there will be faults made, but it’s not a course where the horse will get afraid or have big problems. You can learn from the faults and build from them. That’s what I experienced with my younger horse tonight. We made a couple faults but when we improve on a few things, it won’t happen again. It was a learning experience. It’s hard enough but no bad effects. I thought he did a fantastic job with the course. All week the courses have been great and I’ve really liked them.”

On her week:
“I like a lot about it here. The feeling here, for me, is very special. It has a European flair that I appreciate because I miss that a little bit. The conditions and the footing are great, the courses have been wonderful and the people are super friendly. It’s fun and different here. It’s a nice change of pace.”

Mandy Porter and Milano

Sybil Rose – Amateur-Owner 3’6” Hunter leader

On her rounds:
“They were really good. It is definitely different coming out here and riding on the slopey grass but it is good for my horse and I thought we had some nice rounds. His jump is just spectacular. He is one of those horses where, if you can get him to the base [of the jump] and let him go he will jump so well and bring his knees to his ears. I just love his jump!”

On Ciacolini:
“He is 6 years old, coming seven and a German Sport Horse. We got him in Florida at the end of 2016, so last year was my first full year with him and we went to Thermal and he showed in the Green Hunters with Philip Cillis.”

On showing at Temecula Valley National Horse Show:
“I am super excited to be here and it’s been a great show! I can absolutely see us coming back next year. The footing is really good and the stabling has been great too. It’s so refreshing to come to a show and have a nice big stall for him to rest in. The management really caters to the exhibitor and works hard to make sure everyone is happy. It’s so great to see exhibitors voices heard and I think ultimately that makes the biggest difference in this event. As a marketing girl myself, I love how much media and press coverage there is for the show. There is rarely press around the hunter divisions unless it’s spotlighting a hunter derby, so to see this type of recognition is special!”

On her strategy for Sunday:
“With him, it is always about keeping him as calm as possible. Sometimes I can get to the jump too fast and he will break over too quickly, so I am always trying to hold my position up and give him the best opportunity to jump possible.”

Hallie Williams – Junior 3’3” Hunter Champion

On winning the championship with Bee Knees:
“I have had him about two and a half years. We have been competing in the Juniors for nine months together. I think the judges love him because he is very flashy. He is so cuddly — honestly, he is the best guy ever. I am so happy for next week. We have had multiple championships in the past but this was a nice surprise because there were great horses in this class.”

Hallie Williams and Bee Knees
Hallie Williams and Bee Knees

On showing at Temecula Valley National Horse Show:
“This is my first time. I actually really like it and I am very impressed with the rings. I am from San Francisco and we don’t get to experience grass that often so it was a really cool experience to compete on the grass here.”

On her attitude in the ring:
“Keeping a positive attitude really helps me and reflects on to the horse. Connecting with the horse is really key, knowing that they know you have a good attitude helps your riding ability and it really makes a difference for me.”

Hallie Williams and Bee Knees
Hallie Williams and Bee Knees


$60,000 KindredBio Grand Prix
Place / Rider / Horse / Owner / R1 Faults / R2 Faults / Time
1. Mandy Porter / Milano / Abigail Archer / 0 / 0 / 35.351
2. Shawn Casady / Cicomein VDL / HKC Collection LLC / 0 / 0 / 36.274
3. Shawn Casady / Campitello 5 / Highpoint Farm LLC / 0 / 0 / 40.705
4. William Simpson / Chacco P / William Simpson Stables Inc. / 0 / 4 / 36.740
5. Kenneth Vinther / Colicchio / Kenneth Vinther / 0 / 4 / 37.299
6. Natalie Dean / Chacco’s Goldy / Natalie Dean / 0 / 8 / 37.975
7. Harley Brown / My Lord Cornet / Katherine Brewer / 1 / 72.222
8. Lindsay Archer / Jarpur / Rhys Farm / 1 / 72.647

Mandy Porter and Milano

$10,000 Shires 1.35m Speed Classic
Place / Rider / Horse / Owner / Faults / Time / Converted
1. Leslie Wright / Adamus / Pinnacle Equine Group / 0 / 62.139 / 62.139
2. Natalie Dean / Don’s Diamant / Natalie Dean / 0 / 62.615 / 62.615
3. Sarah Baz / Abadan / Sarah Baz / 0 / 65.102 / 65.102
4. John Pearce / Chantico / John Pearce / 4 / 62.727 / 66.727
5. Ariel Black / Eminent / David Murdoch / 4 / 63.658 / 67.658
6. William Simpson / Whoop De Doo / Coxe Horses, LLC / 4 / 63.807 / 67.807
7. Russell Morgan / Jeronimo Bisschop / Russell Morgan / 8 / 60.798 / 68.798
8. Hugh Mutch / Cristar / Hugh Mutch / 4 / 65.175 / 69.175


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