Voltaire Design Commemorates 10 Years with Elegant Extravaganza in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, Fla. – Jan. 9, 2020 – Adorned in blue and white, the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Fla. hosted hundreds of high-profile equestrians the evening of Monday, Jan. 6, to celebrate Voltaire Design’s first decade of operation as well as to thank its loyal supporters for their roles in the company’s ongoing success. Now an international leader in premium sport saddles thanks to its emphasis on innovation and superior quality, the French brand has grown from its humble beginnings in a small garage to its current status as a market powerhouse, always guided by its mission to “enable everyone to fully express their potential.” Led by co-founder Brice Goguet, the evening featured a lively atmosphere in a creative and modern setting, capped off by Goguet’s unveiling of a series of new innovations released by Voltaire Design.

Voltaire Design hosted equestrian notables at the Norton Museum of Art, a perfect venue for a forward-thinking company.

“The company has evolved, but our DNA remains the same. Our passion is intact. Our core values of kindness, humility, ambition, and respect are still the driving force of the company,” commented Goguet, one of the four founders of Voltaire Design. “Our riders have made us proud all over the world getting medals at the biggest events, but whether our riders do well at the Olympics, at the World Equestrian Games or at the lower classes, we are always happy because we are a team and a family.”

Voltaire Design sponsored riders, Rowan Willis and Shane Sweetnam. Photo by Sporfot

All supporters of Voltaire Design, the guest list included the likes of star equestrians representing nations from nearly every corner of the world, making the event an international affair. Attendees featured European Champion Shane Sweetnam of Ireland, Australian Rowan Willis, Great Britain’s Amanda Derbyshire, Israel’s Ilan Ferder, Erynn Ballard of Canada and the United States’ Andrew Welles, among many other familiar faces. Masters of industry like Alexandra Cherubini of EquiFit plus Jessica Newman of JustWorld International, with which Voltaire Design was also celebrating a longstanding partnership, were also in attendance, adding to the diverse collection of individuals who all shared a common thread: Voltaire Design.

Federico Sztyrle and Mark Bluman. Photo by Sportfot

“I’ve been with Voltaire Design since the start. Brice and his team have done an amazing job promoting and growing with new ideas every year. It has been an exciting time with them,” noted Sweetnam. “The stats with the Blue Infinite are great, and also my horses seem to be very comfortable with it. My results in the last couple years have been really, really good and my horses’ backs have been in better conditions. I have to say the saddle has definitely brought us to the next level.”

While the event honored Voltaire Design’s exciting first ten years, the party paid equal homage to those who helped pave the way for the company to reach such a milestone.

Andrew Welles partnered with Voltaire Design at the company’s inception.

“I was saying to Brice tonight that I can’t believe it has been ten years now. It’s pretty wild. I believe I was one of the first American riders with Voltaire Design,” reflected Welles. “The brand has been incredible and it just keeps evolving. I think what is so incredible about this team is their desire to innovate and improve to make the product better and better.”

Though it was only launched one year ago, the Blue Infinite has already hit the benchmark as the fastest Voltaire Design saddle to reach $1 million in sales. Regarded by many as the most advanced saddle available due to its technologically advanced capabilities, the Blue Infinite is the crown jewel of Voltaire Design thus far. Never content with the status quo, Voltaire Design continued to improve its newest creation.

Voltaire Design’s Blue Infinite is the most advanced saddle of its kind. Photo by Sportfot

“The Blue Infinite, on top of being a revolutionary sports saddle, is now a health and fitness companion, which means it gives you the heart rate; it allows you to measure the intensity of the training; you’ll be able to do an electrocardiogram at home; you will be able to count the calories burned; you will be able to know the heart rate at rest and you will be able to measure the recovery time,” listed Goguet.

Co-founder Brice Goguet revealed Voltaire Design’s newest innovations.

Boasting a revolutionary ActiveFlex tree that will be even lighter than the original model and adapt to the horse, the Blue Infinite is the first saddle of its kind to offer a broad range of data collection to better improve performance and help maintain health and fitness of horses. Riders and trainers will be able to detect signs of early lameness, track a horse’s exertion and much more when using the Blue Infinite and its partner Blue Jumping Girth, which can pair directly to a smart watch or phone for live data collection. Thanks to Voltaire Design’s Smart Connect Technology, no battery or wires need to be hooked up between the girth and saddle, making for a seamless and normal tacking up process. For riders who prefer a more secure position, Voltaire Design will also be releasing a version of the Blue Infinite with a deeper seat.

Now with ten years under its belt and a passion for innovation at its core, Voltaire Design is sure to continue to push the boundaries of saddle design for years to come. Truly living the motto to “express your potential,” the humble but thriving company is ready to enter the next decade with eyes forward as it strives to once again create the next best thing.

The Voltaire Design team in 2020. Photo by Sportfot

For more information, please visit voltairedesign.com.


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