What a difference YOUR LOVE and SUPPORT make!

Life is truly an incredible journey, and the past year has been a journey like none other. While we faced many challenges, difficulties, and sadness, we also saw so many examples, big and small, of the kindness and love that lives in the hearts of others.

As we reflect on those times when we felt most vulnerable, we recognize that it was the love and care of friends that got us through. While we look to brighter days ahead, there are so many dogs whose daily lives are marked by pain, struggle, and little hope for the future. Sadly, we have seen the number of abused, abandoned, and hungry dogs grow dramatically as a result of the pandemic’s impact on people’s lives.

Gracie was one of those dogs, abandoned and dumped in the country without a backward glance. When good Samaritans spotted her, they noticed that she was in dire need of medical attention. Danny & Ron’s Rescue was called because we never turn our backs to a dog in need. We picked her up and rushed her to the veterinary hospital where she received a lot of medical care and needed time to recover, but she recovered and found her “Best Forever Mom and Dad.” Here is the note Gracie sent us two weeks after she got adopted.

“Monday, I got all my stitches out! I am feeling like a million bucks!!! Mom and Dad have to tell me to calm down A LOT, but it makes them very happy to see me so happy. Dr. Matt gave me an “excellent” on my check-up! – Gracie”

What a difference LOVE makes. Wouldn’t you agree?


Thanks to you, and so many of our friends in the community, we were able to create a brighter future for Gracie and help in many other ways…

♥️ 289 dogs found loving homes in 2020, and their adoptive families experienced the unconditional love and joy that a dog brings into their lives.

♥️ In 2020 we also set another milestone: 12,300 dogs saved since we began our Rescue. Don’t mind us if we get a bit teary-eyed talking about this.

♥️ 110 dogs that belong to struggling families received urgent and life-changing veterinary care.

♥️ We donated over 110,000 lbs. of pet food to local food banks so that families who were experiencing difficulties providing proper care and food for beloved animal companions did not have to panic or give up their pets.

As a rescue, to help families devastated by the pandemic feed and care for their dogs when they could not financially do so is beyond heartwarming. To provide medical care for ill and injured dogs, nursing them back to health in the loving environment of our “Doghouse” is nothing short of miraculous. And, to see the change in a dog’s life after they experience love and compassion, very likely for the first time, restores hope that, with the love and kindness of friends, all things are possible.

The pandemic has made us all reflect on our need to care for each other. Our hearts have been warmed by the kindness of people who have reached out to help us care for dogs in need despite their own issues and problems. Thanks to them, so many dogs, once considered hopeless, are now living with families, experiencing love and kindness, and enriching the lives of all.

Join us as we extend that precious hand of friendship, love, compassion, and “A Lifetime Promise” to change the lives of dogs and the families who care for them. We thank you for your commitment to support our dogs, for your belief in our mission, and for all that you have and continue to do to make the world a kinder, and brighter place for all.
With love and gratitude,


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