Will Simpson and Chicharito Race to $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby Victory at Temecula Valley National Horse Show

Temecula, Calif. – May 23, 2019 – Day two of the Temecula Valley National Horse Show, now in the third week of riding for the series, continued Thursday with two exciting prize money classes at the end of the day. A talent-heavy field of horse-and-rider partnerships came out to compete in the $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby, the highlight class of the day in the Audi Grand Prix Arena, presented by Evergate Stables, during which Will Simpson piloted Chicharito to the top of the scoreboard. In the $7,500 Interactive Mortgage 10 and Under Futurity Classic, Michelle Parker navigated Chipotle to the top podium spot as the fastest and only double-clean pair.

Will Simpson and Chicharito

Attracting some of the most seasoned exhibitors on the showgrounds, the $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby featured the quick footspeed of competitors hungry for a stake in the largest prize money class of the week thus far. Course designer Anderson Lima (BRA) offered a 14-effort pattern for the one-round class, which only saw four teams complete without any penalties. The ninth in the order, Carly Anthony and Genesis proved their prowess as the first combination to leave all the fences intact, turning in a conservative ride in 72.029 seconds to emerge as the early frontrunners. Following Anthony’s lead in the latter half of the pack with another careful performance, Chenoa Mcelvain jockeyed Wallstreet RC, owned by Guy Mcelvain, to a fault-free effort in 73.865 seconds to sit in second position with only a few challengers left to tackle the track.

Craig Starr and Deluxento

As the third-to-last to ride, it appeared that Anthony may hang on to the title spot, but Craig Starr in the irons aboard Deluxento, the horse he co-owns with Mandy Porter, ensured that the lead changed hands with their textbook trip in 70.307 seconds, crossing the timers almost two seconds ahead of the pace to usurp the longstanding leaders. Not to be outdone and saving the best for last, Simpson once again demonstrated why he is consistently a champion in Temecula, displaying yet another blazing fast round to capture the victory in the $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby with a successful ride in 67.404 seconds aboard Chicharito, the second win in as many days for the horse. Starr would end up second, while Anthony took the third place ribbon.

Will Simpson and Chicharito in the presentation

In the class prior, Parker piloted her own Chipotle to victory in the $7,500 Interactive Mortgage 10 and Under Futurity Classic, a newer addition to the Temecula Valley National Horse Show circuit that is intended to offer an additional opportunity for younger horses to compete against each other in a grand prix style class to gain valuable experience in the ring over upper-level fences. As the only pair to post a double clear round, Parker and Chipotle made light work of the 14-fence track, designed by Lima, after many had troubles at a tricky combination by the VIP Club and also at the final oxer that invited horses to drop their eye due to water trays underneath it.

Michelle Parker and Chipotle

Of the initial pack that tried their luck over the first round course, only three pairs qualified for the jump-off with foot-perfect trips within the time-allowed. Last week’s champions in the class, John Pearce and Karen Coyne’s Seven Seas set the pace as the first duo to earn a spot over the tie-breaker course but downed two rails to pick up 8 faults in 35.791 seconds. Immediately following, the lead switched hands as Carly Anthony improved upon her counterpart’s efforts aboard Evergate Stables’ Lorena 141, tripping the jump-off timers in 37.603 seconds with one fence lowered to accrue 4 faults. In the end, Parker and Chipotle took the win thanks to their double clear rides, tripping the timers over the short course in 35.713 seconds as the fastest and most careful pair. Anthony finished the class in second position with Lorena, and Pearce and Seven Seas rounded out the top three finishers.

Carly Anthony and Lorena 141

The Temecula Valley National Horse Show will continue Friday with more action in the main arena, with the $5,000 Open Equitation Championship serving as the highlight classes of the day. The feature event of the horse show, the $40,000 MediVet Equine National Grand Prix, will bring competitors and spectators to the Audi Grand Prix Arena on Saturday afternoon.


Will Simpson – $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby winner

On Chicharito’s recent success:
“Chicharito, I’ve been trying to get him fit and even after tonight he played a little bit so his fitness is coming. I’m very happy with that. Coming in, the class was a little bit late at night and the sun was in my eyes for the first two horses and we had some shadows. Then the sun went down a little bit so I thought it would be a nice, cool ride. I’m just learning this new horse and I’m really impressed with his fight and his rideability. Really impressed with him right off the bat here.”

On Anderson Lima’s course:
“So far Anderson has been a little tougher on us with the colors, like the black and white striped rails going right into the sun. I don’t know where he found that little piece of balsa wood for the plank, but it must weigh about ten ounces. It was super small and super thin, then there’s a lot of white standards and the white tent. I think a lot of horses didn’t even see that plank and had it down.”

Craig Starr – $20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby second place

On his ride:
“What I wanted to do was be fast without being in a hurry. I wanted to be efficient and on the forward step, never gassing it. With that horse if you gas it and go for it, you’re going to have trouble down the road. You just have to have rhythm and have everything come up from that, flow through the turns and let him back up at the jumps and just ride your course. I had the luxury of going late, and a lot of people had problems with the plank and the last double. I was able to change my plan just a little bit to make sure I left that plank up and I actually did an extra stride from what some of the people did to the double, just to make sure I curled around the vertical nicely.”

On Deluxento:
“He’s 11 years old, by Cardento. I started riding him a little over a year and a half ago, and Mandy Porter and I own him. He’s been to a few other addresses, and to be fair he had so much horsepower and jumped so high as a young horse, I think he ended up doing bigger classes than he was ready for with other riders, so when we got him he was pretty fragile and a little nervous about everything. I’ve just been slowly bringing him along and he’s just better and better. I think he’s really turning a corner. He loves this place, the footing and the ambiance, and I think that really helps. If he’s happy, he can jump anything. He’s actually not a speed horse, he’s a little bit slow across the ground with a high jump that takes some time so I wouldn’t say the speed classes are his forte, but the things he does have going for him are his scope and his big stride. I can be really efficient and trust him over the higher jumps without so much foot speed.”

Michelle Parker – $7,500 Interactive Mortgage 10 & Under Futurity Classic winner

On Chipotle:
“We’ve actually had him since he was a weanling, so I’ve had him for seven years now. This was his second 1.40m class and I was super happy with him. He’s always done everything we’ve asked, and he’s always been a winner. He’s quite fast, which today didn’t come into play very much, but he can leave strides out and cover the ground quickly.”

On her strategy:
“First I needed to go clean. I got on my first horse and worried about the time-allowed and got the last jump down, then they increased it so I knew I had a little time to play with. I went around to the last jump to be careful because I knew a few people did that. In the jump-off, I took it a little easier than normal so we could have a clean round.”

On the Temecula Valley National Horse Show:
“It’s great to be back! We came in the spring and were here last week, as well. We like to support it as much as we can because it’s a great show.”


$20,000 Oakmont Ranch 1.40m – 1.45m Speed Derby
Place / Horse / Rider / Faults / Time
1 Chicharito / Will Simpson / 0 / 67.404
2 Deluxento / Craig Starr / 0 / 70.307
3. Genisi / Carly Anthony / 0 / 72.029
4. Wallstreet RC / Chenoa / McElvain / 0 / 73.865
5. Firestone S / John Pearce / 4 / 73.865
6. The Gladiator / Tiffany Sullivan / 4 / 67.430
7. Eta Beta Di San Patrignano / Lindsey Archer / 4 / 69.299
8. Valiant / Harley Brown / 4 / 70.487
9. Gee Whiz / Trudi Fletcher / 4 / 72.492
10. Chacco P / Will Simpson / 8 / 64.870
11. WT Ca Pow / Mandy Porter / 8 / 66.917
12. Whoop De Doo / Will Simpson / 8 / 66.989

$7,500 Interactive Mortgage 10 & Under Futurity Classic
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults / R1 Time / R2 Faults / R2 Time
1. Chipotle / Michelle Parker / 0 / 75.653 / 0 / 35.713
2. Lorena 141 / Carly Anthony / 0 / 68.807 / 4 / 37.603
3. Seven Seas / John Pearce / 0 / 74.149 / 8 / 35.791
4. Guess / Michelle Parker / 4 / 71.377
5. Foxxy / Sarah Invicta William / 4 / 73.742
6. Centstar / Mandy Porter / 4 / 74.838
7. B-Cleo / Karen Vanderburgh / 4 / 75.455
8. Quatar / Jamie Taylor / 4 / 75.955
9. Floris / Madison Bradshaw / 5 / 81.339
10. Universe / Alden Giacopuzzi / 7 / 79.900
11. Gracile / Carly Anthony / 8 / 71.672
12. Capish / Erin Isom / 8 / 75.139

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