Wellington, Fla. – March 17, 2022 – The Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) Week 10 kicked off FEI Nations Cup competition Thursday afternoon with CDIO-U25 Team competition between the United States and Canada. At the conclusion, it was the Canadian team that came out on top with the Team Gold medal. The team representing the United States finished with the Team Silver medal. Shortly after, small tour riders for the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup CDIO3* took to the ring to put their best foot forward for their respective countries, and the large tour athletes wrapped up the day with the FEI Grand Prix. Three nations were represented in the Nations Cup CDIO3* this year, with Germany leading the group after Day 1 with 217.204 points, followed by Team USA with 215.219, and the Canadian team held the bronze medal position with 203.891.

CDIO-U25 Team Medalists
CDIO-U25 Team Medalists

Eager CDIO-U25 athletes took on the first leg of Nations Cup competition, the Intermediate II 16-25, to decide the final team standings on Thursday. With the riders’ combined scores determining team placings, the pressure was on as each team member took center stage. At the conclusion of the class, it was the Canadian riders, Vanessa Creech-Terauds on Fleur de Lis L, a 13-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by Leatherdale Farms, and Camille Carier Bergeron on Sound of Silence 4, a 14-year-old Westphalian gelding owned by Gilles Bergeron, who triumphed with a combined score of 133.323. Creech-Terauds and Carier Bergeron, riders who also represented Canada in last year’s Wellington Nations Cup and helped their team take home their first CDIO-U25 gold medal, were thrilled to earn the top podium position for the second year in a row. Carier Bergeron earned the highest score of the class with 67.559%, and Creech-Terauds took third place individually with a score of 65.764%. 

Vanessa Creech-Terauds and Fleur de Lis L

The team representing the USA, composed of Nicole Scarpino on Lambada 224, Quinn Iverson on Beckham 19, and Kaylee Christensen on Chateau 28, finished with the Team Silver medal and a combined score of 129.5. Iverson and Beckham 19, a 13-year-old Hanovierian gelding owned by Billie Davidson, took second place individually with a score of 65.824%, while Scarpino and Lambada 224, her own 15-year-old Hanoverian mare, finished fourth individually with 63.676%. Christensen and Chateau 28, her own 17-year-old Holsteiner mare, were the dropped score of the U.S. team with 58.353%. 

Camille Carier Bergeron and Sound of Silence 4

Team Germany held the top podium position with a score of 217.204 after the first day of CDIO3* competition. Team USA held the second place position with a score of 215.419, and Team Canada held third place with a score of 203.891. 

In the Prix St. Georges, Bianca Berktold and Imperial, her own 9-year-old KWPN mare, led the pack representing the United States, earning a score of 72.441%. German rider Frederic Wandres followed closely behind on his own and Hof Kasselmann’s 8-year-old Hannoviarian gelding Dolciario with a score of 72.03%. His teammate Lars Ligus and Katherine Kuss’ 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding Soccer City followed behind with a score of 71.53% to take third place individually. 

Christoph Koschel and Dünensee

Germany’s FEI Grand Prix riders Michael Klimke and Christoph Koschel helped Germany create an early lead earning a 72.652% and 72.522% respectively. Klimke was aboard Harmony Amateur Sports Foundation’s 13-year-old Oldenburg stallion Harmony’s Sanrino RHP, a horse he just stepped up to the FEI Grand Prix level this season. Koschel was riding a new partner for him, with the pair making their FEI Grand Prix debut during AGDF 8 where they placed 3rd in the CDI4* Grand Prix Freestyle with a score of 75.355%. With Team Germany’s high Grand Prix scores, they were able to jump up to the top of the leaderboard following Klimke’s ride with a total of 217.204.

Michael Klimke and Harmony’s Sanrino RHP

Young rider Ben Ebeling started things off for the USA in the Grand Prix riding Vantage Equestrian Group II, LLC’s 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare Indeed with a score of 69.826%. Susan Dutta and her own Don Design DC, a 12-year-old Hanoverian gelding, earned a score of 69.587%, which would be the team’s dropped score of the day. Second to last to go in the Grand Prix, Katie Duerrhammer rode Quartett, a 14-year-old Danish gelding owned by Kylee Lourie, to a score of 71.652% to help the U.S. finish Thursday with a score of 215.419.

Bianca Berktold and Imperial

Team Canada’s Beatrice Boucher earned the highest score of her team for the day, riding Summerwood’s Limei, a 9-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by Monica Von Glahn, to a 69.912% in the Prix St. Georges. Pia Fortmuller and Frieda, her own 11-year-old Hanoverian mare, finished their Grand Prix test with a score of 64.739%, while Megan Lane and her longtime partner, Deer Ridge Equestian’s 18-year-old KWPN gelding Zodiac MW, finished with a 66.957%. Team Canada finished the day Thursday with a total of 203.891 to sit in third place. 

Megan Lane and Zodiac MW

The FEI CDIO3* Nations Cup competition at ADGF 10 continues tomorrow, March 18th, at 3:40 p.m. where the U25 athletes will compete for individual medals, followed by the conclusion of the team event for the CDIO3* riders starting at 4:20 p.m. 

CDIO-U25 Nations Cup Team Results

1. Team Canada:
Camille Carrier Bergeron / Sound of Silence 4 / 67.559
Vanessa Creech-Terauds / Fleur De Lis L / Leatherdale Farms / 65.764
Total Score: 133.323

2. Team United States:

Quinn Iverson / Beckham 19 / Billie Davidson / 65.824
Nicole Scarpino / Lambada 224 / Nicole Scarpino / 63.676
Total Score: 135.295

CDIO3* Team Standings
1. Team Germany – 217.204
2. Team USA – 215.419
3. Team Canada – 203.891

Results: CDIO-U25 Grand Prix 16-25
Rider / Country / Horse / Owner / Total Score
1. Benjamin Ebeling / USA / Status Royal OLD / Ann Romney / 70.529
2. Camille Carier Bergeron / CAN / Acoeur / 69.412
3. Quinn Iverson / USA / Beckham 19 / Billie Davidson / 65.824
4. Vanessa Creech-Terauds / CAN / Fleur De Lis L / 65.764
5. Nicole Scarpino / USA / Lambada 224 / Nicole Scarpino / 63.676
6. Kaylee Christensen / USA / Chateau 28 / Kaylee & Kate Christensen / 58.353 

Results: CDIO3* Prix St. Georges
Rider / Country / Horse / Owner / Total Score
1. Bianca Bertold / USA / Imperial / Bianca Bertold / 72.441
2. Frederic Wandres / GER / Dolciario / Frederic Wandres & Hof Kasselmann / 72.03
3. Lars Ligus / GER / Soccer City / Katherine Kuss / 71.53
4. Beatrice Boucher / CAN / Summerwood’s Limei / Monica Von Glahn / 69.912

Results: CDIO3* Grand Prix
Rider / Country / Horse / Owner / Total Score
1. Michael Klimke / GER / Harmony’s Sanrino RHP / Harmony Amateur Sports Foundation / 71.152
2. Christoph Koschel / GER / Dunensee / Diamante Farms / 71.022
3. Katie Duerrhammer / USA / Quartett / Kylee Lourie / 70.152
4. Benjamin Ebeling / USA / Indeed / Vantage Equestrian Group II, LLC / 69.826
5. Susan Dutta / USA / Don Design DC / Tim & Susan Dutta / 68.087
6. Evi Strasser / CAN / Deja Vu Tyme / Evi Strasser / 65.522 / 65.522
7. Megan Lane / CAN / Zodiac MW / Deer Ridge Equestrian / 65.457
8. Pia Fortmuller / CAN / Frieda / Pia Fortmuller / 63.239


Vanessa Creech-Terauds – Team Canada Gold Medalist

On winning Team Gold:
“It’s very exciting to have won the second year in a row. Last year we also had Beatrice [Boucher] on our team, and this year she is representing Canada in the senior Nations Cup in the small tour, which is really exciting. It’s always been so much fun. It’s so nice we’re able to be on the same team because for Young Riders, we always had to be against each other. We support each other, and actually it’s always a really great experience going out in that ring and representing Canada, getting more experience for both of our futures. I know we will have goals to represent Canada more often.”

On her ride:
“I am 22 years-old from Caistor Centre, Ontario. I’ve been riding Fleur de Lis L since we were both juniors. I’m so proud of her today. She’s such a consistent mare. I really think she’s an awesome team horse because she always tries her best. Just last weekend, we participated in the Challenge of the Americas fundraiser. I rode her in the Cowboy and Cowgirl theme and for her to go from that big atmosphere with people who were cheering and clapping, the music, and I had a lasso on my leg! To be able to then come to this week doing the Nations Cup really attests to her character and how consistent she is. She’s a homebred from Louise Leatherdale, and I know every time she sees her go in that ring, she’s so proud. Maybe you can really tell we’re teammates because I didn’t get my ones today either so we will work on that for tomorrow. But overall I’m very, very happy.”

Camille Carier Bergeron – Team Canada Gold Medalist 

On winning Team Gold:
“I totally agree with Vanessa about the Nations Cup last year. We’ve been competing together for so long, it’s always so easy and fun being surrounded by really great people. It’s a fun atmosphere for sure, so being able to represent Canada with such amazing teammates and people is great.”

On her ride:
“I’m very happy with today’s test considering the weather that’s extremely hot. It’s not easy for the horses and I think they tried the best they could. And we had two bobbles today, the one tempis were quite expensive, but overall I’m just really proud of my horse. I couldn’t have asked him for more considering the weather and he just really tried his best. You always have to adapt to all kinds of environments and temperatures. So today I think we ditched our warm up, trying to conserve energy. I think it did work quite well.”

Quinn Iverson – Team United States Silver Medalist

On her ride:
“I am 23 years old, I grew up in Roseburg, Oregon. I’m very proud of my horse today. We are still quite a new partnership and for him to just go out and still be as honest as he was in this weather, I was very happy with it. I missed my one [tempis] too though. Hopefully we all get those tomorrow, but I’m so proud of him for just what a new pair we are to come out. I’m very excited for the future, and I’m glad to have these great teammates.”

Nicole Scarpino – Team United States Silver Medalist

On her ride:
“I’m 23 years old, originally from Florida. I’ve also had my mare since the Junior division and we’ve come up the levels together. We’re still both a bit green at this level, but I’m super happy with how much energy she brought to the test, even with the weather. We also had some miscommunication in our one tempis, but I’m very happy with her and how she handled the atmosphere and the weather.”

Kaylee Christensen – Team United States Silver Medalist

On her ride:
“I’m 23 and I’ve had my horse Chateau since 2018. We’ve come from Young Riders all the way up to the U25. Unfortunately, today my horse got his tongue over the bit, but I’m still really, really proud of him. He still tried his heart out in this really difficult weather for him. We’re from Michigan so we aren’t really used to this. I got off and I was really hot too. But I’m still really proud of him and grateful to be a part of this team.”







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