Devon, Pa. – Sept. 18, 2022 – The final day of the Devon Fall Classic kicked off early Sunday morning, this time featuring the final championship rounds of the show’s various jumper divisions in the famous Dixon Oval. Junior and Amateur riders took center stage as the showgrounds began to fill with spectators. The $5,000 Low Junior and Low Amateur Jumper Championship classes rounded out the day of competition, with Neave Campbell and Shelly Zimmerli taking home top honors in their respective divisions.

Neave Campbell and Very High De Muze. Photo by Kind Media LLC.

Campbell guided Very High De Muze to a confident win in the $5,000 Low Junior Jumper Championship. The duo bested a field of 8 promising young junior riders with the only double clear round of the class. As the second and final pair to jump off, Campbell needed to jump a clear round to secure the top spot on the podium. Exceeding expectations, she piloted her very own bay gelding to a smooth and effortless fault-free round. She took the track in stride and rode to a very proper second round time of 43.088 seconds to secure the win in the class, as well as the tri-color in the division.

Neave Campbell and Very High De Muze. Photo by Kind Media LLC.

The $5,000 Low Amateur Jumpers saw a field of 15 competitors with 9 returning to gallop to the win over the short course. In the end, it was Shelly Zimmerli and Quite Some that topped the highly contested class of seasoned amateur riders. The duo claimed an early lead and remained unbeatable throughout the entirety of the second phase of competition. With Zimmerli in the irons, the 9-year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Sandra Zimmerli blazed around the jump-off track with ease, leaving out precious strides in the tight turns to cross through timers at 29.152 seconds to take the blue ribbon. Snatching the fourth place position in the class was Kendra Sue Walmer and her very own Printings Pola Z, which was enough to secure their overall championship in the division.

Shelly Zimmerli and Quite Some. Photo by Kind Media LLC.

The Low Children’s and Low Adult Amateur Jumpers took to the arena bright and early Sunday morning to start the day. In the $1,500 Low Children’s Jumper, Emily Kucharczuk piloted Charmeur Ask to the top of the podium. Riding to the championship in the $1,500 Low Adult Amateur Jumper was Bethany Frick aboard Alimit.

Kendra Sue Palmer and Printings Pola Z. Photo by Kind Media LLC.

The High Children’s and High Adult Amateur Jumpers took center stage next for their classic round. The $3,000 High Adult Amateur Jumper saw Ericka Houlihan ride Notorious to a double clear effort to secure their tri-color and top the large group of 21 competitors. Rylee Kingeter and Bella Olympic jumped the only double clear round of the class to top the $3,000 High Children’s Jumper Division.

The Devon Horse Show looks forward to welcoming hunter and jumper competitors to the venue once again in Spring 2023 for the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. Please visit for more information and to sign up for the newsletter.

Shelly Zimmerli and Quite Some. Photo by Kind Media LLC.


Neave Campbell – Low Junior Jumper Champion

About Very High De Muze & their partnership:
“I got him only a couple of months ago in February. He wasn’t supposed to be for me, he was supposed to be a sales horse. I did an open 1.0m class and fell in love from there. We started moving up and after a couple weeks we started doing the low juniors and a couple of open welcome stakes and have always placed in the top three. He is great and is on the younger side. He is nine years old and was imported from Europe. He is definitely different from the kind of ride I ever expected myself to be on but we just clicked and he has been amazing and I love him.”

On Very High De Muze’s personality:
“He is a funny horse. He is really sweet and will kiss you but he is a spooky guy. He will walk in the ring and his eyes will be wide open. He will look all around the place with a little bit of a prance going on and might spin a couple of times, but he will never bat an eye at jump. He loves his job and he is awesome. He is the sweetest horse I have ever ridden.”

On the course:
“I went first on one of my other horses. They definitely made us think in the course. I was hoping to do better on Smokey than the first ride. With him I definitely have to keep pushing out of the turn to get him where I wanted to leave to make the line or to make the turn come up nicely. If you found everything nicely it was easy to get done.” 

On being at Devon:
“I love Devon. I have been coming here forever. Both of my little siblings have done the leadline. I only live twenty minutes away from here and I have lived here all my life. Just a couple of months ago my barn moved to Ocala, Florida so I am super happy that we ended up coming here.”


Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults / R1 Time / R2 Faults | R2 Time

$5,000 Low Junior Jumper
1. Very High De Muze / Neave Campbell / Neave Campbell / 0 / 81.463 / 0 / 43.088
2. Continuity / Ella Quigley / Ella Quigley / 0 / 75.924 / 8 / 31.679
3. Jermaine HX / Alexandra Welsch / Glen Eden LLC / 4 / 74.824
4. Jake’s Shake / Madison Houghton / Madison Houghton / 4 / 76.168
5. Sir Stakkato / Ella Fischer / Ella Fischer / 16 / 68.318
6. Flips 21 / Siena Lipson / Redfield Farm / 16 / 80.839
7. Playboy / Neave Campbell / Neave Campbell /4 / 97.679
8. Brixton / Olivia Brown / Olivia Brown / 4 / 99.464

$5,000 Low Amateur Jumper
1. Quite Some / Shelly Zimmerli / Sandra Zimmerli / 0 / 79.576 / 0 / 29.152
2. Corozana / Sarah Wood / Sarah Wood / 0 / 75.018 / 0 / 29.516
3. Just Las Vegas Lilly / Julie Chang / Julie Chang / 0 / 73.771 / 0 / 31.092
4. Printings Pola Z / Kendra Sue Walmer / Kendra Sue Walmer / 0 / 78.057 / 4 / 29.692
5. Bahia Mouche / Melissa Strawser / Melissa Strawser / 0 / 76.433 / 4 / 30.006
6. Florentina De Maie / Melissa Strawser / Melissa Strawser / 0 / 75.748 / 4 / 31.167
7. Kiane / Leslie Schillat / Three Pugs Farm LLC / 0 / 79.153 / 4 / 31.351
8. Miss Lucy HH / Juliet Matinho / Juliet Matinho / 0 / 71.268 / 8 / 27.828
9. Valenzia / Stephanie Dixon / Stephanie Dixon / 0 / 80.498 / 8 / 33.603
10. Zealous / Catherine Scher / Mary Chapot / 4 / 69.697


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