Continuing the Vital Work of Dog Rescue: A Message from Danny & Ron

Dear Friends and Supporters,


First things first: We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your support of our dogs. Our Rescue family would not be the same without you, and we hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Charles Dickens may have penned his famous opening line in 1859, but its meaning could not be more relevant than it is today. We’re seeing many incredible examples of communities uniting to take care of each other and those who need us during this most difficult time. And, sadly, our fellow humans, and our pets, are hurting nonetheless.
Our nation might be on hold, but we are not. Although rescues and shelters are not declared as essential businesses, what we do is vital to the dogs we rescue and the families we help support. If anything, the need for our services has risen exponentially since the onset of the pandemic.
We are working hard and doing everything possible to sustain our Rescue and take care of our dogs. Our staff continues full steam ahead to make sure that the animals who rely on us receive the highest quality care and continue being matched with loving adoptive families.


In addition to ensuring our dogs’ safety and wellbeing, we have another big concern. We are painfully aware of the fact that many families are struggling to put food on the table for their families, let alone feed their four-legged family members.


We are doing everything we can to respond to this reality, including accepting surrenders from families who have no other choice but to give up their beloved dogs. In some particularly heartbreaking cases, these are dogs who have lost their human to COVID-19. Most importantly, we are working very hard to help people and their canine companions remain together during this unprecedented time.
Danny & Ron have been able to donate thousands of pounds of dog and cat food with your help
Struggling families have enough to worry about due to the vast uncertainties we’re all currently facing. How to feed their pets should not be one of those worries. To this end, we are helping to provide pet food to these families so that they won’t have to surrender them due to a lack of funds or food. With the help of friends and supporters like you, we have donated over 14,500 pounds of pet food to local food banks. 
While the need for our services has risen, our ability to fundraise has been compromised by having to cancel our February and March events. That’s where you come in. Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you.
Just as pets depend on their humans to survive during both the best and the worst of times, our work relies on the generosity and support of Rescue family members like you. Your support will help us continue to provide care for the dogs at the Doghouse, as well as support the pets of families impacted by COVID-19.
Any gift you’re able to make will be gratefully appreciated and distributed where the need is the greatest. Whether it is for food or veterinary care, we will make sure that the pets are the beneficiary of your generosity.
Thank you for being part of our family.  Without you, none of this work is possible. Stay well and safe!
With our love,
P.S. We are living in one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history. Pets are not immune to the difficulties we are all facing; in fact, they depend on our love and generosity to survive. Will you partner with us to help care for our dogs and for the pets of families who are treading in uncharted waters right now?

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