Enviro Equine and HANSBO SPORT Team Up To Bring Quality Products to North America

Austin, TX – April 27, 2018 – Enviro Equine & Pet is ecstatic to announce its official partnership with HANSBO SPORT, effectively bringing the Swedish company’s innovative line of wraps, rugs, boots and saddle pads to the North American market as the Official North American Sporthorse and Racehorse Distributor. This relationship will benefit loyal Enviro customers and their horses by offering even more product options, adding another layer of appeal to an already respected brand focused on the wellbeing of the horse. HANSBO SPORT is one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of equine rugs and boots in the world, and already offers its revolutionary products for sale on the Enviro Equine & Pet website.

“We are thrilled to work with HANSBO SPORT and be able to offer their amazing products to our customers,” said Angela Brackett, Marketing and Sales Director for Enviro Equine & Pet. “The healing properties associated with the HANSBO SPORT ICM line are a perfect complement to our products, as both companies aim to preserve the health, happiness and comfort of our horses.”

HANSBO SPORT was created in 1977 in Sweden to combine a love of horses with an expertise in textiles. The goal was to create a new kind of blanket – one that would keep horses dry, while also being breathable. Their multi-purpose rug, made from a special fabric woven and stitched in Sweden, was a resounding success, picked up by numerous European Olympic teams and even HM The Queen of England’s horses stabled at Buckingham Palace.

HANSBO SPORT ICM saddle pad includes infused ceramic and infused magnetic to prevent chafing and increase blood flow.

Since the foundation of the company, HANSBO SPORT has continued to meet the needs of professional riders in different disciplines across the globe. Its offerings have expanded to include the specially-designed HANSBO SPORT ICM series that features rugs, saddle pads, boots and wraps containing both ceramic and magnetic materials with properties that can enhance the wellbeing of your horse and have a nurturing effect, two notions that align perfectly with the message of Enviro Equine & Pet.

“Enviro Equine & Pet is the perfect fit for the expansion of the HANSBO SPORT brand in North America. Enviro Equine & Pet and HANSBO SPORT share many of the same principles behind basic care for the equine athletes who work so hard to provide us with so much,” said Warren Byrne, HANSBO SPORT representative. “Combining Enviro Equine & PET’s all-natural products with HANSBO SPORT’s non-invasive ceramic and magnetic therapy has proven highly successful at the top levels of equestrian sport in a short period of time. The success of the leading horsemen who use both lines of products speaks for itself.”

HANSBO SPORT ICM fleece rug has a healing effect on sore muscles.

The HANSBO SPORT ICM series takes advantage of innovative healing technology that targets vulnerable areas of the horse that are sensitive during and after hard work. Wraps, rugs, boots and saddle pads work by generating their own heat, giving the horse a greater feeling of well-being and helping to prevent injuries as well as accelerate healing in joint disorders. While focused on rehabilitation, the latest product line is also designed for optimal fit, function and style.

Enviro Equine & Pet will feature this innovative line of products to its customers, and hopes that more horses will benefit from the healing properties that are a part of the HANSBO SPORT ICM series.

For more information or to order product, please visit www.enviroequine.com.


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