Enviro Equine & PET Launches New Hemp Bedding to Benefit Horses and Wallets

Austin, Texas – Sept. 9, 2019 – Already a popular supplier of whole-horse nutrition, grooming and stable products, Enviro Equine & PET is thrilled to now supply its loyal customers with revolutionary equine hemp bedding as an exciting new addition to its foundation of naturally-based products. Aubiose equine hemp bedding is an innovative method to keep horses more comfortable and overall healthier thanks to numerous beneficial qualities, as well as a smart investment to save money and cut down on stall cleaning time.

Live better with Aubiose hemp bedding from Enviro Equine & PET!

“We are so excited to offer a hemp bedding option here at Enviro Equine & PET. It is something we have been working towards for quite a while, but we wanted to make sure we had the best of the best to provide before we made it widely available,” commented Angela Brackett, Marketing and Sales Manager at Enviro Equine & PET. “Hemp bedding has such an extensive list of benefits not only for your horse, but also yourself. We feel strongly that everyone who tries this product will love it as much as we do thanks to its all-natural and unbelievably positive qualities. It’s a no-brainer to cut down costs while also promoting a better environment for horses and their people.”

Aubiose hemp bedding has been established in Europe as the premier option for competitive and recreational equestrians for more than 35 years, and its new partnership with Enviro Equine & PET will now allow for its entrance into the American marketplace. Say goodbye to breathing in airborne particles as the hemp bedding produces much less dust than pine pellets and wood shavings, resulting in significantly less respiratory and allergy problems for both owners and their horses. Additionally, the bedding is unique in that it is chemical-free and biodegradable, offering owners and their horses a safer environment to live and work.


Another benefit of hemp equine bedding, which is growing in popularity for obvious reasons, is the comfort it can offer your horse externally, as well. With more comfortable and softer qualities than normal bedding, horses using a stall with hemp bedding are more likely to lay down and achieve full sleep cycles. The bedding also has capabilities to trap odors associated with ammonia smells. Finally, hemp absorbs four times its weight, meaning you can spend less time cleaning, as well as less money cleaning up after your animals.
Aubiose hemp bedding (left) versus the current market offering.
Trust Enviro Equine & PET to supply you with Aubiose Hemp Horse Bedding to take advantage of its long list of benefits. For the most savings and cost efficiency opportunities, the bedding is best ordered by the pallet or full truckload. Depending on the horse and personal preferences, one stall will require approximately two pallets of the Aubiose Hemp Horse Bedding per year. For more information on how to properly use hemp bedding, please refer to our user guide HERE.
Enviro Equine & PET products are the perfect balance of the highest quality, natural ingredients and scientific research, perfectly packaged for you, your horse or pet. All Enviro Equine & Pet products are free from sugar and GMOs, support a healthy inflammatory response, maintain athletic joints, and promote skin and coat health. Enviro Equine & Pet is also your go-to for Stable Solutions, finely-crafted tack and accessories and carefully curated products aimed at promoting health and wellness for riders.
To learn more about EnviroEquine & PET, please visit www.enviroequine.com and receive 15% off your first online order with promo code PHELPS15.

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