Enviro Equine & PET Partners with Ultra-Tech™ Lighting to Illuminate Equestrian Industry

Austin, TX – Jan. 30, 2019 – Whether you know it or not, indoor and outdoor lighting can play a significant role in your horse’s performance, healing and comfort, which is why Enviro Equine & PET and Ultra-Tech™ Lighting have teamed up to bring the best lighting practices to equestrians. Because different spaces have different needs, Ultra-Tech™ Lighting’s Equine-Bright™ technology offers lighting options for indoor arenas, outdoor arenas, stables, vet clinics, breeding barns, event venues and more. Instead of defaulting to standard lighting, Ultra-Tech™ magnetic induction lighting (MIL) scientifically addresses the combined visual requirements of the horse and rider, whether that means emitting small amounts of energy in the UV range to inhibit bacterial growth, fungi, and viruses or installing updated lights with a lesser propensity for flicker.

“The entire team at Enviro Equine & PET is thrilled to be working with Ultra-Tech™ Lighting and its line of Equine-Bright™ lighting solutions to benefit all types of equestrian venues around the country,” said Angela Brackett, Marketing and Sales Director at Enviro Equine & PET. “Between our connections and insight into the equine industry and the lighting expertise of the Ultra-Tech™ team, this partnership will generate huge advancements for all equestrians, regardless of discipline or location.”

Prior to the Equine-Bright™ creation, no fixtures on the market specifically addressed the unique nature of equine vision within the context of human interactions. Additionally, a lack of understanding about how horses visualize the world has caused poor design decisions for stables, barns, and competition venues that simply select generic and inappropriate lighting. To rectify this, Ultra-Tech™ has created technologies that can lessen the eye strain of horses, help bring mares into ovulation, aid in rehabilitation, enhance mood and behavior, and increase safety. Equine-Bright™ lights are also cost-efficient, as they substantial reduce necessary power and maintenance to keep costs low.

“Ultra-Tech™ Lighting is extremely excited to join with Enviro Equine & PET in our shared mission to bring the most healthful and effective products to the equestrian world. The unique nature of equine health and wellbeing is addressed from nutrition to environment, providing a comprehensive and holistic approach. We look forward to working together,” commented Philip Gotthelf of Ultra-Tech™ Lighting.

Ultra-Tech™ Lighting is a welcome addition to Enviro Equine & PET’s established line of whole-horse products related to nutrition, grooming and overall health.
At EnviroEquine & PET, nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of your animal. No matter the discipline or breed, your horse and boarders deserve the best all-natural care. From nutritional products that are made with all natural, organically sourced ingredients to our grooming products and stable solutions, EnviroEquine & PET has blended the best of nature and science to give your family’s best friend what is needed to be healthy and perform the very best everyday.

To learn more, visit the website at www.enviroequine.com and receive 15% off your first online order with promo code PHELPS15


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