EquiJet Unites with the Bermuda Equestrian Community for Horses in Need

Bermuda – June 28, 2018 – EquiJet is proud to have assisted the Bermuda SPCA by providing transportation for groups of horses from Bermuda to new homes overseas.

At the close of 2017, the fate of a group of horses, caught up in the liquidation of a large commercial stable, was uncertain. The Bermuda SPCA agreed to assist the liquidators and what followed was an extraordinary operation. Equestrians and horse lovers from across the island worked together to ensure the horses were relocated swiftly.

“All of us at EquiJet were more than happy to lend our services to the horses housed by the Bermuda SPCA,” said Bastian Schroeder, owner of EquiJet. “It was a unique challenge to move the horses from the island, but one that was especially rewarding now that they are settled in their new homes in the United States.”

Stables across the island opened their doors to help and many of the horses were placed locally in foster homes. Several horses were housed temporarily at the newly completed Stempel Stables, on-site at the Bermuda SPCA’s Valley Road, Paget shelter.

According to current shelter President Sarah Tafur, “There was an outpouring of support to care for the horses that was both heartwarming and shows how a community can come together in times of need. Each person’s contribution counted and resulted in fantastic care. Some volunteers did early mornings, some raced off from work to do lunch shifts, some after work, some gave up their weekends, some did week after week and some did shifts here and there, and, surprisingly, even some visitors to the island did shifts.”

Earlier this year an amazing opportunity for several of the horses to find homes overseas became available. Next came the daunting task of getting the horses there. EquiJet offered its services and deftly handled all of the transportation paperwork and requirements every step of the way. Weeks of careful planning and waiting for suitable weather to make the crossing ensued. After several delays the first group of horses left Bermuda via ship bound for the U.S. on May 15th, followed by the second group via air June 25.

The horses arrived safely and the local team was thrilled to see the horses enjoying large lush green pastures. The location of each of the horses, locally and abroad, is confidential. This is the policy of the Bermuda SPCA for all fostering and adoptions as a measure of protection of confidentiality for both the animals and their new owners.

Mrs. Tafur added, “As the island’s only animal shelter, the SPCA found homes for 200 animals and reunited dozens of lost pets with their families in the past year. Our work is dependent upon the generosity of individuals and the corporate community and is greatly assisted by a strong team of volunteers.”

To learn more about EquiJet or to discuss partnership opportunities, please visit EquiJet.com.


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