Equinety Announces International Grand Prix Dressage Rider Micah Deligdish as Sponsored Rider

Wellington, Fla. – Nov. 13, 2019 – Equinety, which produces the popular 100% amino acid supplement, is proud to welcome Israeli Grand Prix dressage competitor Micah Deligdish as the newest Team Equinety sponsored rider. After years of experiencing the benefits of Equinety Horse XL on a variety of horses, Deligdish is proud to represent the company as she trusts the super-power supplement to support her top horses while training and competing throughout U.S. and Europe.
Equinety Horse XL is a 100% amino acid supplement specifically formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones that help the body heal at a cellular level. The eight amino acids within Equinety Horse XL help bring balance to the horse from the inside out by providing optimal nutritional support for horses. The all-natural ingredients in the FEI-friendly supplement improve horses’ recovery, soundness and stamina.
“I was originally introduced to Equinety a few years ago when I purchased a horse who was on Equinety Horse XL,” Deligdish explained. “I saw how shiny his coat was, how well he maintained his weight and how well he recovered after training sessions. I decided to put a few other horses in my barn on the supplement, and then I experienced first-hand the benefits of using Equinety and the huge difference it made for all of my horses.”
The USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist recently returned to the United States from her summer campaign throughout Europe. In that time, she qualified and competed at the prestigious 2019 European Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands. In addition to her own high-performance goals, Deligdish offers high-quality training and coaching up to Grand Prix and prides herself on providing a personalized sales approach to helping horses and riders find their best match.
Based in sunny Wellington, Florida, Deligdish uses the power of Equinety Horse XL to help her horses maintain their weight and fitness level through even the hottest of days. Her string of competitive horses thrive off of the combination of amino acids that target overall horse health.
“In Florida, schooling the upper levels can take a lot out of our horses and it’s important to replenish their amino acids. Equinety gives back important nutrients to their bodies from what they lose when they are training which really helps them recover and feel great the next day,” Deligdish said.
Equinety Horse XL has also made Deligdish’s feeding routine simple. One scoop of the supplement per horse per day gives the equine athletes all they need to have strong joints, a shiny coat, a healthy gut, sturdy hooves, a calmer disposition, and a shorter recovery time, among other benefits provided by Equinety Horse XL.
“Since discovering Equinety, I have incorporated it into the routine of my other horses and have found that their coats are shinier,” she continued. “They look healthier and they are very happy in their work. I am proud to represent such a high-quality company.”
To learn more about Deligdish and follow her career representing Israel, please visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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