Equinety Launches 100% Amino Acid Equine Supplement in United Kingdom and Ireland

Wellington Fla. – Nov. 4, 2019 – After making a positive impact on the health of horses all over Northern America, Equinety is thrilled to announce the launch of its 100% amino acid supplement, Equinety Horse XL, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Available now, horse owners in all four countries have the opportunity to purchase Equinety’s product and ship directly to their barn or home.
“Equinety’s expansion to the United Kingdom and Ireland was a natural one for us. After hearing so many success stories in the U.S. and Canada, it became obvious that this was the next step in Equinety’s journey to help as many horses across the globe as possible,” said John Dowdy, the president of Equinety. “We hope horses in these countries experience the power of Equinety Horse XL and that it leads to further expansion of our product in the future.”
Equinety Horse XL is a 100% amino acid supplement that is specifically formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones that help the body heal at a cellular level. The eight amino acids within Equinety Horse XL help bring balance to the horse from the inside out by providing optimal nutritional support for horses. All natural ingredients make this super-power supplement FEI friendly in improving horses strength, recovery, soundness and stamina.
The expansion of Equinety’s brand goes hand-in-hand with their mission to help horses worldwide. Originally formulated in 1998 by a British, Cambridge and Harvard educated family physician, Equinety is excited to connect with equine enthusiasts in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and further their reach in helping horses around the world by offering their one of a kind supplement beyond North America.
Users of Equinety Horse XL can expect a well-balanced horse thanks to the amino acids in Equinety’s formula that serve as building blocks for necessary proteins that help heal on the cellular level. The all natural formula with no fillers, starches or sugars can result in a shinier coat, more muscle, faster recovery, stronger hooves and much more for horses of all ages and sizes.

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