EQUUS Foundation Hosts Its First Leadership Circle Reception

EQUUS Foundation Hosts Its First Leadership Circle Reception – Stay Tuned for our 20th Anniversary Celebration on March 26th

EQUUS Foundation Board Member and Vice Chair, Catherine Herman, hosted the EQUUS Foundation’s first Leadership Circle Reception at her home on February 16 in Wellington. Guests gathered over cocktails and hors d-oeuvres, poolside at sunset, to engage in discussions about initiatives set by the EQUUS Foundation on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary and the need for all horse owners to take responsibility for the welfare and safety of their horses at all stages of their lives.

Herman announced the formation of the EQUUS Foundation’s Leadership Circle to be composed of individuals who are committed to developing long-term solutions to ensure a humane environment for horses now and in the future and generating needed resources to implement the solutions.

“Tens of thousands of horses are subjected to abuse and neglect each year – and just under 20,000 horses were shipped across our borders to slaughter in 2022”, said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. “No horse should be subjected to this fate. There are solutions within our reach for America’s horses that need a lifeline.”

“The rescues and transition centers we support are re-training and re-homing thousands of horses not just as pasture pals, but in grass roots recreational and competitive roles — and we support more charities than ever before that are partnering with horses to improve the lives of people with special needs. Our goal is to build consensus within the equine industry to embrace solutions for equines in transition other than shipping them across our borders for slaughter.”

Dani Waldman and Valerie Angeli


Caryl Philips, Frank Zeiss and Catherine Herman
Mark Boyhan, Lynn Coakley, and Frank Hill


Hardin Towell, Declan Orpen and Fiach Byrne










Alexa Lowe and Margaret O’Neill


Catherine Herman, Bob Cacchione and Selma Garber












James Palen Hudgin II and Judy Behren
Tina and Bob Hinckley













Tina and Bob Hinckley




Paul Burns and Lauren Hough









Cassandra Orpen and Hannah Lupica




Linda Raschke and Damon Pavlatos














Following the showing of “Now Is The Time” – an original video produced by the EQUUS Foundation, Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation VP said, “Now is the time to recognize that horses are sensitive, vulnerable beings whose lives are in our hands. They are not commodities – but living, feeling partners who need our protection.”

In closing, Coakley said, “We hope you will join us to celebrate our 20th Anniversary on March 26 where we will honor McLain Ward, as the first recipient of the EQUUS Foundation Spirit Award, presented to an equestrian who has significantly elevated the image and desirability of horses. The EQUUS Foundation was born from love of the equestrian sport and our responsibility to provide care to horses after their sport careers are over.”



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