GumBits Continues Support of Marcus Fyffe Dressage

Written by: Annan Hepner
Client: Marcus Fyffe Dressage
Release Date: 2016-08-17

Wellington, Fla. – August 17, 2016 – From the moment Shereen Fuqua, founder of GamBit Atlanta Inc. and proud sponsor of Marcus Fyffe Dressage, met Olympian David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe, she knew they were a special pair. Marcus and Fyffe, international Grand Prix dressage trainers that are based year-round in Wellington, Florida, are dedicated to providing top quality training and care for their horses. Since adding GumBits into their daily routine, their horses are more relaxed and happier then ever.

“David and Nicholas are very well respected high performance dressage competitors and trainers, but they also have quiet and humble demeanors,” Fuqua said. “They are passionate to succeed internationally as competitors and to help other riders excel in the sport as teachers. I also have learned that they are very regimented in their daily use of GumBits, chewing gum for horses, because it helps their horses to be happy in the connection.”

Fuqua started Gambit Atlanta Inc. to distribute GumBits, which are small treats that promote salivation, relax the jaw and prevent teeth grinding while the horse is under saddle. Made with all natural and FDA approved ingredients, GumBits’ sweet taste is widely enjoyed by young and experienced horses alike.

“I am a huge fan of Gumbits, and I can honestly say my horses are too!” Fyffe explained. “I originally experimented with this fabulous product with a young and ‘mouthy’ stallion that lacked confidence with the contact. Not only did the teeth grinding disappear, but his entire mouth became more relaxed and he began to salivate freely. Now I use Gumbits daily to encourage each of my horses to start their training session comfortably confident in the connection.”

Marcus added, “I am a real believer in Gumbits, and I am very proud to be an ambassador of the company. The addition of Gumbits to our training program has proven beneficial to nurturing a relaxed connection with our horses.”

Marcus Fyffe Dressage provides top-notch care and focuses on every detail to insure that their horses are comfortable for training and competing at the highest quality. By giving GumBits to their horses, it supplements their training by eliminating dry mouth, which allows them to focus on their training with a happy horse and connection.

“These two very talented competitors and trainers represent my product because they love it and believe in GumBits,” Fuqua said. “Watching them care for their horses with love and kindness coupled with their genuine support tells me their actions are much more powerful than words. We are honored to watch David and Nicholas from the sidelines.”


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