How You are Helping Us Rescue Dogs Every Day

As part of our Rescue family, we know that you understand what a difficult year this has been for all of us. What started out as a “dream year” in early 2020 quickly turned into a year of fear of the unknown with the onset of COVID. We as a Rescue had to consider new ways to keep our missions and goals in full swing.
Although this year has been filled with unfortunate and heartbreaking stories, there are stories that have happy endings. We want to share two of those with you.
Imagine being hurt and all alone, with no family looking for you. That’s how Ford, a Catahoula Leopard Dog with mesmerizing eyes and a beautiful disposition, must have felt when he was found hurt and in distress on the side of the road, most likely after a hit and run. Thankfully, a good Samaritan rushed him to the veterinary hospital, where x-rays revealed a broken hip and a fractured leg.
That’s when Danny & Ron’s Rescue stepped in, making sure Ford received the two surgeries he needed and welcomed him to the Doghouse to complete his recovery before finding his forever home, which we know he will.
Eunice was also found injured, suffering from a broken leg and a hip. She was brought to a shelter that didn’t have the financial resources to help her. Despite several pleas, no one came to Eunice’s rescue because of her age – and the shelter had to make the difficult decision to euthanize this sweet old girl. Thankfully, word got to us in the nick of time; we picked her up and took her to get the surgical care she needed. Eunice, a Collie and Pyrenees mix, is now recovering beautifully. We hope that she will find a loving family of her own where she can live her last years. In the meantime, the Danny & Ron’s Rescue family will gladly watch after her while she recuperates.
These two stories began in heartbreak and are well on their way to a happy ending. But we all know that not all abandoned, lonely, and forgotten dogs get the love and care they deserve.
In addition to helping dogs like Ford and Eunice, 2020 has presented additional challenges to our Rescue operations. After Hurricane Laura devastated Louisiana yet again, we went with supplies and returned home with 17 abandoned dogs in need of loving homes. And due to the economic impact of COVID-19, there have also been many dogs in danger of going hungry. We ache that so many people are experiencing financial challenges to feed their families and their pets.
We couldn’t just stand by and watch this happen. So, since March 2020, Danny & Ron’s Rescue donated almost 80,000 pounds of pet food to local food banks so that families can keep their pets. We’ve been so moved by the response from some of those folks:
“My emotional support dog thanks you for her food!” –Elizabeth
“Having pet food helps out so much during these troublesome times. Thanks for all you do, and my babies say thank you as well.” -Tawanis
We make A Lifetime Promise to every dog we rescue that they will never live in a shelter, go hungry, or live without love. We also make a promise to YOU: As long as there are dogs to rescue and protect, we will continue our work, work we would not be able to sustain without your continued help.
To the dogs we rescue who have experienced nothing but hurt and rejection until they find their way to the Doghouse, your kind and generous support at the end of the year literally means the world to them…and to us.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our rock, and for making the holidays a bit sweeter for dogs like Ford and Eunice. We are forever grateful!
With Love,

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