Inaugural Stepping Out Campaign Surpasses 4.2 Million Steps for America’s Horses

The EQUUS Foundation is proud to announce the results of its inaugural Stepping Out for America’s Horses Campaign presented by Boston Private that took place on February 15-21, 2021. Registrants nationwide took over 4.2 million steps to raise awareness and funds for America’s horses in need of homes.

“The EQUUS Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to Boston Private and the Woodson Family for sponsoring our inaugural campaign,” said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. “We didn’t know what to expect but are thrilled with the results. We owe special thanks to our Professional, Amateur, and Junior Equestrian Athletes who dramatically expanded our reach.”

Over 30,000 was raised in association with the inaugural campaign, including over $14,000 in direct support of 32 adoptable horses featured on the EQUUS Foundation Next Chapters platform.

Congratulations to Renata Solomou for raising the most funds, totaling to $1,825 on behalf of Venezuelan Beauty, followed by Jenny Belknap raising $1,325 for Half Pint, and Erika Sherman raising $900 for Bonita!

Next Chapter adoptable horses who will receive direct financial support thanks to their steppers include:
Venezuelan Beauty (Renata Solomou)
Half Pint (Jenny Belknap)
Bonita (Erika Sherman)
Saturn (Amanda Steege)
Woody (Alexandra Murray)
Jemi’s Junebug Jara (Natalie Jackson)
Carly (Katherine Strauss)
Latigo (Peter Lutz)
Geneva (Laura Kraut)
Pioneerofan Empire (Kaitlin Campbell)
Chapter Twelve (Sloane Coles)
Rumi (Sydney Shulman)
Sioux (Lillie Keenan)
Strawberry Powder (Jennifer Santorello)
First Shot (Daisy Farish)
Mags (Caitlyn Shiels)
Raven (Hannah Lupica)
June (Taylor Madden)
Pioneerofan Empire (Emma Hyde)
Zella (Ailish Cunniffe)
Barney (Catherine Tyree)
Mags (Kristina McCombie)
Sally (Madison Arani)
Missy (Kelly Hitt)
Anderson (Victoria Hammer)
Half Pint (Courtney Becher)
Calvin (Ali Wolff)
Gabriel (Ashley Vogel)
Reba (Ryder Richardson)
Joi (Reid Arani)
Ozzie (Kelly Arani)
Florenzo (Lois Angeletti)
Venezuelan Beauty (Carter Ware)
Guy (Carter Weil)
Johnathon (Emilie McCann)
Karter (Valerie Angeli)

View the campaign results here
Stay Tuned for our next Stepping Out Campaign!


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