Jori Dupell Earns 2019 USEF Junior Rider Dressage National Championship While Lexie Kment Gets Strong Start in FEI Children Team Test

Wayne, Ill. – Aug. 24, 2019 –In the Kay Arena of the Lamplight Equestrian Center, a total of 12 junior athletes and their horses returned for the final leg of the 2019 USEF Junior Rider Dressage National Championship, the Junior Individual Test, all with their heart set on leading the victory gallop at the completion of the class. With fractions of points separating riders after Friday’s team test, the competition was stiff but ultimately, it was Jori Dupell who rode Fiderprinz 2 to victory, naming themselves the national champions.

Jori Dupell, Mackenzie Peer and Isabelle Braden
Jori Dupell, Mackenzie Peer and Isabelle Braden

Dupell and Fiderprinz 2 proved unbeatable over the course of the two days, sweeping both classes with a win in the individual test for their score of 72.059%, a new personal best for the pair. An overall average of 71.004% gave the North American Youth Championships (NAYC) silver medalist and her 10-year-old Oldenburg gelding over a two point lead in the championships, adding yet another impressive title to their resume that is already filled with accomplishments from the past year-and-a-half together.

Jori Dupell and Fiderprinz 2
Jori Dupell and Fiderprinz 2

The 18-year-old, who rides out of DevonWood Equestrian Centre in Oregon, has attended the U.S. Festival of Champions three times now, last year receiving fifth place in the USEF Junior Dressage National Championships. Dupell was thrilled with the geldings performance, stating it was the best he has ever gone for her and she hopes to move up to the Young Rider division next year.

Mackenzie Peer and Quantum MRF
Mackenzie Peer and Quantum MRF

The USEF Junior Dressage Reserve National Championship title went to Mackenzie Peer and Nicole Helland’s 10-year-old Hanoverian stallion Quantum MRF. Making the trip from Overland Park, Kansas, Peer also improved her third place finish in last year’s championship by scoring a 69.657% in the individual test for an overall average of 69.627%. Following the conclusion of the show, Peer is looking forward to training with Johann Hinnemann in Germany for the next month before moving to California to train full-time with her trainer David Wightman inTemecula.

Isabelle Braden and Dali De La Ferme Rose
Isabelle Braden and Dali De La Ferme Rose

Making great improvements in their relaxation from Friday’s team test was Isabelle Braden and Dali De La Ferme Rose. Their individual test score of 70% bumped Braden and the 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding up from fourth to third place in the championship class, with an average of 69.015% from the panel of judges. Braden is also aging out of the Junior Rider division this year and will begin competing in the Young Rider division after giving Dali De La Ferme a well deserved rest following her successful streak at NAYC and the U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions.

Jori Dupell and Fiderprinz 2
Jori Dupell and Fiderprinz 2

Later on in the day, the first leg of the USEF Children Dressage National Championshiptook place in the form of the FEI Children Team Test. Setting the tone and gaining a strong start in the championship was Lexie Kment and Manatee, a 16-year-old Thoroughbred gelding. The pair earned a score of 71.026% for a nearly 3 point gap separating first and second place. Manatee is a veteran to the U.S. Dressage Festival of Champions, however, this is Kment’s first time at the championships. Last year, the off-the-track Thoroughbred carried Kment’s sister, Jami Kment, to third place overall in the USEF Children Dressage National Championship.

Lexie Kment and Manatee
Lexie Kment and Manatee

Carmen Stephens and Woldhoeve’s Silco received a score of 68.654% to take home the red ribbon in the team test. The 19-year-old Dutch Welsh Pony gelding has been with Stephens since 2016 and has helped her progress from training level up to the Children division to compete for the first time at the U.S. Festival of Champions.

Carmen Stephens and Holdhhoeves Silco
Carmen Stephens and Holdhhoeve’s Silco

Tying for third place was Justine Boyer and Hampton Green Farm’s 18-year-old PRE stallion Lentisco XVIII and Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson with her 24-year-old gelding, In My Feelings. Both horse and rider combinations rode tests that earned scores of 67.885%.

Justine Boyer and Lentisco XVIII
Justine Boyer and Lentisco XVIII

The conclusion of the USEF Children Dressage National Championship will take place Saturday, August 24 with riders returning to compete in the FEI Children Individual Test at 9:00 a.m. in the Kay Arena.

Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson and In My Feelings
Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson and In My Feelings

Results: USEF Junior Rider Dressage National Championship

Rider / Horse / Team Test / Individual Test / Total Score
1. Jori Dupell / Fiderprinz 2 / Jori Dupell / 69.949 / 72.059 / 142.008
2. Mackenzie Peer / Quantum MRF / Nicole Helland / 69.596 / 69.657 / 139.253
3. Isabelle Braden / Dali De La Ferme Rose / Erin Braden / 68.030 / 70.000 / 138.03
4. Averi Allen / Dafoe / Allison Nemeth / 66.667 / 67.598 / 134.265
5. Mckenzie Milburn / Zero Branco / Mckenzie Milburn / 66.515 / 67.745 / 134.26
6. Nicolas Beck / Campari / Nicolas Beck / 67.222 / 66.373 / 133.595
7. Annelise Klepper / Happy Texas Moonlight / Shannon Klepper / 69.495 / 62.402 / 131.897

Results: FEI Children Team Test

Rider / Horse / Owner / Total Score
1. Lexie Kment / Manatee / Jamie Kment / 71.026
2. Carmen Stephens / Woldhoeve’s Silco / Carmen Stephens / 68.654
3. Justine Boyer / Lentisco XVIII / Hampton Green Farm / 67.885
4. Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson / In My Feelings / Maren Elise Fouche-Hanson / 67.885
5. Quentn Sloan / Queens Faithfully / Tyla Cummiskey / 67.628
6. Paydan Maclaughlin / Lily of Chincoteague / Paydan Maclaughlin / 67.179
7. Joslyn Allen / Lady Lilliana / Mary Adams / 66.282


Jori Dupell – USEF Junior Rider Dressage National Champion

On continuing her success:
“It is a lot. It is really rewarding to work so hard and progressing all season with the horse, then to come here and have a personal best is just amazing. He is really special but he has his own opinions. If I don’t ask how he needs to be asked then rightfully so, he says no. Today he kept saying yes and I am so happy with him.”

On her test:
“For me, it was the best he has ever gone. When he went down the centerline and halted he was like ‘We can do this!’ and I was like ‘Awesome!’ He was really with me the entire time. I can’t really fault him for anything. If there were any issues it was probably mine. He was really great through the whole test.”

On her future plans:
“I have to move up to Young Riders because I am aging out so that is the plan. We aren’t sure what we are doing for winter yet but we will definitely go somewhere to do some international competitions and see what happens.”

Mackenzie Peer – USEF Junior Rider Dressage Reserve National Champion

On advancing from her third place finish last year:
“It is so rewarding. You try so hard and you hope to come here and show your horse to the best of your ability so when it works out like this you feel on top of the world.”

On her test:
“I was super excited with my test, he was really with me. We did our walk, we did our trot, and I was like ‘We got this,’ then we went to the canter and he was with me. He was super on my aids and when I went to that extended canter he was like ‘let’s do this.’ It is always fun to feel that on a horse.”

On her future plans:
“I am actually leaving tomorrow to fly to Germany where I am going to spend a month riding with Johann Hinnemann. I am leaving the horses here but I will be riding. I will come back and ride at Regionals, then I actually move to California to ride with my trainer David Wightman full-time and work for him. I am super excited for that!”

Isabelle Braden  – USEF Junior Rider Dressage National Championship third place

On continuing her success:
“I am really proud of my horse and how he has put up with the traveling. He has really stayed with so well and I am really grateful to all of the people that have helped get me to these competitions, helped me find all of this success and supported me. [Thank you to] my trainer, Anneliese Vogt- Harber, my parents, USEF, USDF and everyone that has supported youth dressage.”

On her test:
“I thought my test was much better than yesterday and he definitely felt more comfortable in the big arena. Yesterday he got a little tense so I felt like I had a much more flowing, clean, mistake free test that I was really happy with.”

On her future plans:
“I don’t have big plans but I am aging out this year so next year we are hoping to move up to Young Riders. I want to go home and give [Dali De La Ferme] lots of rest and make sure he has recuperated and then maybe to Regionals and see where it goes this fall.”

Lexie Kment –  FEI Children Team Test winner

On her test:
“At the beginning it was a little wild but we got it under control and it felt really good. I think we got all of our stuff done today but looking forward to the next test we might want to work on our walk pirouette a little bit more.”

On her partnership with Manatee:
“This is my first time here but Manatee has been here before. He was here last year with my sister. We have been together for about a year now. He is just a really good boy. He is an off-the-track Thoroughbred but I don’t know how many races he actually won. He is just a good boy.”

On her preparations for the Championships:
“Leading up the championships we prepared by doing lots of [transitions] and worked on keeping control in the ring.”

Carmen Stephens –  FEI Children Team Test second place

On her test:
“It was pretty good. We definitely made a few mistakes but overall it was a solid test. The simple changes went pretty well. Hopefully we can get a clean serpentine in the next test. I will be really focusing on taking it one movement at a time, not rushing through and having fun.”

On her partnership with Woldhoeve’s Silco:
“We have been together since 2016 and he has brought me from training level to being here. He is a really sweet pony that is very well behaved most of the time but he does have some spunk every once in a while. What horse doesn’t!”

Justine Boyer –  FEI Children Team Test third place 

On her test:
“I think it went really well for my first time being at Festival [of Champions] and after three weeks of not riding while on vacation. I would like more collection so that we can do the serpentine [tomorrow].”

On her partnership with Lentisco XVIII:
“We have been together for two years. We have been working up to Children’s and then fixing a few things in Children’s. The lengthenings are the most fun on him.”


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