Millar Brooke South Proudly Partners With Haygain

Lexington, Ky. – August 5, 2021 – Millar Brooke South is proud to announce a new partnership with Haygain, a horse health company dedicated to developing science-backed products that support respiratory health and overall well-being and performance.

Founded in 2009 after extensive, revolutionary research at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, England, Haygain became the first company to provide an all-natural solution to drastically reduce the breathable irritants responsible for respiratory issues seen in over 80 percent of high-performance athletes. These studies led to the development of their now world-famous high-temperature hay steamers, which reduces up to 99% of the dust, mold and other allergens found in even the highest quality hay.

“We have quite a few horses in our barn, including our Grand Prix horses Cacharel and Daveau, who suffer from allergies and other breathing problems – Haygain Hay Steamers have helped them immensely,” Kelly Soleau-Millar explained. “We used to soak their hay and dump out the water, but after discussing the benefits with our vets, we knew we needed to implement Haygain Steamed Hay in our training program. By adding Haygain, we now have peace of mind knowing Haygain removes nearly all mold, dust and other allergens found in their high-quality hay, while making the process more efficient.”

Protecting respiratory health, adding water to the horse’s diet and increasing appetite appeal are steamed hay’s biggest benefits.

“Haygain is very excited to welcome Jonathan and Kelly to the Steam Team,” says Haygain Vice President of Marketing Bee Richardson. “Our #1 priority in partnerships is ensuring that a prospective brand ambassador is as committed to horse health and well-being as we are at Haygain. This is certainly the case with the Millars and their Millar Brooke South team.”

With a budding sales and training program, in addition to their own high-performance horses, Millar Brooke South has an ever-growing string of top mounts. Holding their horses’ health at the utmost priority, Kelly and Jonathon Millar are thrilled to have access to Haygain’s top-of-the-line products and innovative technology, now allowing them to provide their entire barn with the best care possible while on the road and at home.

“Decreasing allergens is the number one priority for our horses’ wellbeing, but Haygain Hay Steaming is also beneficial to our metabolic horses,” Jonathan Millar said. “We had one horse in our program who was metabolic and it was crucial we eliminated excess sugar from his diet. Haygain played a huge role in helping keep him healthy and performing his best, especially while we were on the road competing in the FEI arena.”


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