The Science Behind GastroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS and How They Can Simplify your Feeding Program

Written by: Devaney Iglesias
Client: Enviro Equine
Release Date: 2017-03-03

Wellington, Fla. – March 3, 2017 – With the winter season upon us, horses are exposed to a number of stressors that may negatively impact their performance and bodies. Enviro Equine, the all-natural and quality manufacturer, has the solution! GastroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS is the best all natural supplement for your horse.

GastroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS contain an alkali alumino silicate clay to help stabilize gastrointestinal pH and maintain an environment less favorable to pathogenic bacteria and more favorable for the gastrointestinal tract’s “good” bacteria. Feeding clay has been shown to reduce diarrhea in horses. In addition to the benefits provided by the alumino silicate clay, GastroBalance PLUS provides added gastrointestinal support thanks to the addition of research proven pre-biotics and live yeast. These ingredients have been shown to reduce the negative effects of toxins such as fumonisin and aflotoxins in animal feeds and to promote feed utilization, milk production in mares and growth in foals.

Both GastroBalance and GastroBalance PLUS are fortified with generous levels of trace minerals. GastroBalance PLUS utilizes globally recognized Zinpro® performance minerals that are research proven to support hoof health, improved feed utilization, immune function, skin and epithelial health and improved production response in stressful conditions. Trace mineral nutrition of pregnant broodmares is a key component to insuring healthy skeletal development in foals and may reduce incidents of developmental orthopedic disorders. Rich in silica, hydrated alumino silicates have been shown to help support healthy skeletal development in growing race horses and may help maintain bone health in all performance horses. Mares supplemented with hydrated alumino silicates have higher levels of silicon in their milk and serum.

by Dr Clair Thunes PhD Nutrition, Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine & PET


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