Team Welles Makes Safety a Priority by Partnering with Freejump

Wellington, Fla. – April 23, 2020 – Team Welles is thrilled to announce their new partnership with Freejump, an innovative company that produces high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of both rider and horses. Freejump was a natural fit for a partnership with Team Welles, as safety is the top priority for them in addition to importance of performance of the products.

“Everyone at Team Welles is so excited to be teaming up with Freejump. I am a big believer in all of their products and I cannot say enough about their dedication to innovation and keeping equestrian athletes as safe as possible,” expressed Andrew Welles. “Because of FreeJump, I feel safe and more comfortable while riding, something that is very important to me as a professional athlete, husband and father.”

Andrew Welles and Gablitz P

Founded in 2001 to bring a new type of stirrup to the equestrian market, Freejump has worked hard to continue to create products that fit the needs of all equestrian athletes by collaborating with and listening to riders at the top of the sport as well as the amateur level. Since its inception, Freejump has continued to improve its products to make them as competitive as possible in the marketplace.

A favorite at Team Welles, Freejump’s stirrups were created off of the idea of automatic bicycle pedals that use an automatic release in case of a fall. The single-branch spring steel technology offers incredible shock absorption while the flexible outer branch helps to free the foot in case of a fall.

In addition to the Freejump stirrups, Welles is a big believer in the Freejump Airbag, which is a vest equipped with airbags that are designed to protect the rider’s neck and back in the event of a fall. Lightweight and nearly invisible, the Airbag is worn by some of the top athletes in the sport during training and competition.

Andrew Welles wearing his Freejump Airbag

“I have been using the AirBag vest since the middle of February and I use it every time I jump a horse, regardless of whether I am in the show ring or at home,” shared Welles. “There is no reason not to use this kind of technology nowadays.”

Team Welles is excited to join forces with Freejump to improve the safety and comfortability of all of its riders and trainers. Looking ahead, Team Welles is looking forward to getting back into the show ring. Welles and assistant trainer Eric Glynn will continue to work with horses and ridersout of their bases in Wellington, FL and Mettawa, IL. Stay up to date with Team Welles through Instagram, Facebook and their website,

To learn more about Freejump, visit their website,, or social media pages @freejump_america.


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